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WinCo Foods CEO – Grant Haag (Age – 45)

The privately held American supermarket chain WinCo Foods, Inc. is headed by Grant Haag. He has been the company’s CEO since 2019. He succeeded Steven Goddard to the highest leadership position. WinCo Foods CEO Grant Haag believes that employee owners are an asset to the company’s business and its growth. He wants to add future leaders who remain committed to customers and employee owners while following the company’s low pricing policies. Grant thinks that motivated and hard-working people can take WinCo to a brighter future. The board selected him for the CEO post after closely monitoring three candidates. The company veteran has everyone’s support and faith because of his hard-working nature and business understanding. Explore this wiki for details such as WinCo Foods CEO email, Grant Haag net worth, and WinCo Foods net worth.

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WinCo Foods Competitors

Some of the giants competing in the same space as WinCo include:

  • Walmart
  • Sam’s Club
  • Publix 
  • Target

Grant Haag Net Worth – WinCo Foods CEO Salary

As of 2022, Grant Haag’s net worth can be estimated to be between 8-12 million USD. His annual compensation package can reportedly be 4-5 million USD.

WinCo Foods Net Worth – Is WinCo Foods Profitable?

As of 2022, WinCo Foods’ net worth can range from 15-20 billion USD. Yes, the ESOP company is profitable.

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WinCo Foods CEO Email | Grant Haag Contact

You can consider writing to [email protected] to get in touch with the supermarket chain’s CEO. Alternatively, here is a look at his LinkedIn profile

Career & Education – Company, University, & College

Grant has a bachelor’s degree from Boise State University. He holds a certificate in retail management from the University of Southern California. Haag is also an MBA from University of Oregon. He started from the ground level at the company before making it to the top on the basis of his dedication and efforts. Before becoming the CEO, he served in the operations department as SVP. He has played many roles in the company during his more than three decade long journey, such as department manager for produce, supervisor for Oregon produce, vice president of produce operations, etc. He also handled the Northwest segment as district manager.

Grant Haag Wiki – Age, Wife, Family, & More

Grant Haag, age 45, is a resident of Portland, United States. Under him, the grocery retail firm is expanding.

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