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Mazda CEO – Akira Marumoto (Age – 65)

The Japanese automaker Mazda Motor Corporation passed the top leadership baton to Akira after Masamichi Kogai stepped down from CEO post in 2018. Mazda CEO Akira Marumoto is committed to growing the brand and its revenue for the future. Shareholders also supported his appointment. Under him, the company has been able to build strong ties with Toyota to target the US market. He focuses on partial electric cars more than pure electric versions, which make […]

Force Motors CEO – Prasan Firodia (Age – 43)

Prasan Firodia is the MD and CEO of an Indian automobile manufacturing company Force Motors Ltd. Under his leadership, the company has been growing its sales in exports and domestic market exponentially. Force Motors CEO Prasan Firodia has ramped up the company’s ambulance manufacturing strength by five times while keeping a keen focus on delivery. He wants to leverage digital platforms to expand the company’s footprint. His deep involvement in the family business started in […]

Kia Motors CEO – Ho Sung Song (Age – 59)

Ho Sung Song is the CEO and President of the South Korean automaker Kia Corporation since 2021. He became President a year earlier. Kia Motors CEO Ho Sung Song takes care of the mid to long-term strategic planning to ensure a strong future for the car company. The industry veteran possesses excellent knowledge of overseas operations. He is committed to help Kia make its mark in mobility solutions and EVs. Under him, the car maker […]

Daimler Truck CEO – Martin Daum (Age – 63)

Martin Daum has been heading Daimler-Benz’s independent subsidiary Daimler Truck AG as chairman and CEO since 2021. He opines that luxury cars touch the lives of only a small group of people. But commercial vehicles like buses and trucks have a larger impact. From ordinary people to local producers, everyone depends on these. He has been a part of this division from early on. Daimler Truck CEO Martin Daum helped the heavy commercial automobile section […]

Aston Martin CEO – Amedeo Felisa (Age – 76)

The British luxury automobile manufacturing company Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings PLC hired Amedeo Felisa to succeed Tobias Moers in 2022. The automotive industry’s seasoned player has also become the company’s executive director. Aston Martin CEO Amedeo Felisa’s main focus areas include high-end sports car delivery and electrification. He has held top executive positions in a 26 years long career in the automobile sector. He is credited with turning around the fate of Ferrari through […]

Maserati CEO – Davide Grasso (Age – 59)

Davide Grasso is the CEO of one of the leading Italian luxury automobile brands Maserati S.p.A. since 2019. He is also a Group Executive Council member. Maserati CEO Davide Grasso stands out for his versatility as a business leader and marketing and general managerial roles. He carries significant expertise in commercial, operational, and brand management. As a leader, he wants to revive the brand’s older ethos of unique design and innovation. When he joined the […]

Jeep CEO – Christian Meunier (Age – 55)

One of the top automotive brands, Jeep (parent company: Stellantis) has elected Christian Meunier to the post of CEO and Global President. He is also a part of its Group Executive Council. He replaced Mike Manley in 2021 as CEO. Jeep CEO Christian Meunier wants to build it into a zero-emission brand. According to him, electric jeeps are the future. He is more focused on markets like Latin America, Europe, and China. Christian is known […]

Volvo CEO – Martin Lundstedt (Age – 55)

Martin Lundstedt is the CEO, President, and board member of Swedish automobile manufacturing company Volvo Group since 2015. He succeeded Olof Persson to the highest leadership rank. Volvo CEO Martin Lundstedt is focused on ensuring the company’s growth and profitability through leveraging its top brands, assets, and committed employees. He has made a name for himself for his leadership in the industry. He is deeply attached with the functioning of vehicle’s industry being a veteran […]

Michelin CEO – Florent Menegaux (Age – 59)

Florent Menegaux is the CEO and Managing General Partner of the renowned French multinational company Michelin that specializes in tyre making. Michelin CEO Florent Menegaux performs various management and administration duties. He makes and executes strategies at the group level and leads all its businesses from close quarters. He also has the responsibility to take care of internal control and risks. Company’s financial statements require his approval.  Florent is also involved in establishing the group’s […]

Renault CEO – Luca de Meo (Age – 55)

Luca de Meo is the CEO of French automobile company Renault S.A. since 2020. He is focused on improving the company’s combustion and electric engine models. Under his aegis, Renault’s operating margins have increased. Renault CEO Luca de Meo wants to enhance profitability compared to sales volume as part of his turnaround plan. He makes sure that the company is far ahead of achieving its targets despite struggles in procuring microchips required for entertainment functions […]

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