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Modivcare CEO – Daniel Greenleaf (Age – 57)

Daniel (Dan) E. Greenleaf occupied the position of CEO and President of Modivcare in 2019. He is known for innovating the company’s healthcare services through technology. Under him, the company offers meal delivery, remote monitoring, at-home care, non-emergency transportation, and other meaningful services to patients who don’t get easy access to health care. Modivcare CEO Daniel Greenleaf is focusing on recruiting caregivers to help expand the company’s home business. He also takes strategic decisions on […]

Bright Health CEO – Mike Mikan (Age – 51)

George Lawrence Mikan III, commonly referred to as G. Mike Mikan or Mike Mikan, heads the Bright Health Group, Inc. as CEO, President, and Vice Chairman. He succeeded Bob Sheehy. Bright Health is a tech-enabled healthcare delivery company focused on the consumer retail sector. Bright Health CEO Mike Mikan operates at the group level and the CEOs of its complementary arms NeueHealth and Bright HealthCare report to him. He takes strategic decisions for the company […]

Cano Health CEO – Marlow Hernandez (Age – 37)

Dr. Marlow Hernandez co-founded Cano Health in 2010 and is leading the company as the CEO and a board of director. Under him, the company focuses on serving the needs of the patients before anything. Cano Health CEO Marlow Hernandez wants to build a healthcare model that can transform every American’s life for better. He wants to make it the center of primary care in the US. While expanding the company’s base, he makes sure […]

Alignment Healthcare CEO – John Kao (Age – 60)

In 2013, John Kao founded a consumer-focused tech-driven healthcare company called Alignment Healthcare, Inc. for seniors and others facing chronic illness. The company serves people under Medicare Advantage plans. As company CEO, John is focused on Alignment’s expansion, aiming to increase its footprint in as many as 16 new markets. However, Alignment Healthcare CEO John Kao is in no hurry. He believes in taking a disciplined and methodical approach without affecting company’s products and their […]

Amwell CEO – Ido Schoenberg (Age – 57)

Ido Schoenberg is the head of the telemedicine company called Amwell (earlier known as American Well). He is at the helm as Chairman and CEO. Ido co-founded this Boston-based healthcare firm with his brother Roy Schoenberg (President & Co-CEO) in 2006. Amwell CEO Ido Schoenberg has worked in tech-enabled healthcare firms and powered them to growth and success. He is focused on adding more doctors to the platform so that patients can choose their health […]

Privia Health Group CEO – Shawn Morris (Age – 58)

Shawn Morris is heading Privia Health Group, Inc. as CEO and a board member since 2018. Privia Health Group is a tech-based healthcare company that empowers physicians and other service providers in the field for their better future and to improve the healthcare delivery system for patients by making it cost-effective and efficient. Privia Health Group CEO Shawn Morris plays a key role in strengthening the relationship between the company’s physician’s group and health insurance […]

LifeStance Health CEO – Michael Lester (Age – 66)

Michael (Mike) K. Lester is the co-founder of the mental health company LifeStance Health Group Inc. He is also serving the company as Chairman and CEO. LifeStance provides telehealth and in-person support through its network of licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists. LifeStance Health CEO Michael Lester wants to ensure a healthy life for people by providing them with affordable and customized behavioral health care. Under him, the company is assisting patients who need higher acuity […]

Amedisys CEO – Chris Gerard (Age – 54)

Christopher (Chris) T. Gerard is leading the public healthcare company Amedisys Inc. as the CEO and President since 2022 after the retirement of Paul Kusserow. The company offers services in the areas of home health, personal care, acute care, hospice, and more. Amedisys CEO Chris Gerard is a seasoned leader with a strong focus on results. He stands out for his dynamism, performance, and entrepreneurial zeal. He is a team player and uses his analytical […]

Doximity CEO – Jeff Tangney (Age – 49)

Jeff Tangney cofounded the health-tech company Doximity in 2010 and has been heading it as CEO ever since. He is also a board member. Doximity CEO Jeff Tangney focuses on the needs of the caregivers, helping them to connect with their colleagues and peers through its LinkedIn-like platform that is strictly for healthcare professionals from different disciplines. They can also provide telehealth and other services through the portal. His San Francisco-based company went for an […]

Henry Schein CEO – Stanley Bergman (Age – 71)

Stanley M. Bergman’s association with the company started in 1980. Currently, he serves Henry Schein, Inc. as chairman and CEO. The healthcare giant offers supply chain, clinical, business, and technological support to dental and medical professionals. Henry Schein CEO Stanley Bergman has played a critical role in enhancing the company’s sales. He is also one of the most respected leaders in the world. His experience and insights on the global healthcare sector and economy help […]

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