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Reebok CEO – Todd Krinsky (Age – 53)

The popular US-based footwear and clothing brand, Reebok International Limited, selected Todd Krinsky to replace Matthew O’Toole as CEO. Krinsky is responsible for ensuring the company’s growth while keeping intact its sports heritage. He has always admired the brand’s focus on innovation and genuineness. Reebok CEO Todd Krinsky is well conversant with various aspects of […]

Steve Madden CEO – Edward Rosenfeld (Age – 47)

Edward R. Rosenfeld’s journey with the American footwear and accessories company Steve Madden goes far back in time. He has been at the helm as CEO and board chairman since 2008. He is an expert of shoes, apparel, and retail business, enriching the board with his experience and skills. Steve Madden CEO Edward Rosenfeld’s strong […]