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CHANEL CEO – Leena Nair (Age – 54)

The iconic French fashion and beauty brand CHANEL hired Leena Nair to replace Alain Wertheimer as Group CEO in 2022. The Indian-British national is known for her contribution toward diversity. Hence, CHANEL CEO Leena Nair’s appointment indicates the luxury brand’s intent to become more inclusive rather than just being Eurocentric. Under her leadership the company’s […]

Rolex CEO – Jean-Frederic Dufour (Age – 55)

The British-based Swiss watchmaker Rolex SA made Jean-Frederic Dufour its CEO in 2015. He replaced Gian Riccardo Marini to the top leadership post. Dufour is one of the most respected names in the industry. He is an expert in the fields of marketing, production, sales, and product development. Rolex CEO Jean-Frederic Dufour is responsible for […]

Rent the Runway CEO – Jennifer Hyman (Age – 40)

Jennifer (Jenn) Hyman co-founded her e-commerce platform Rent the Runway with Jennifer Fleiss in 2009 and leads the company as the CEO. Rent the Runway headquarters is in New York City, USA. Her unique business idea allows customers to rent upmarket clothes and accessories. She believes in fair treatment of employees. In 2018, she published […]