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CVS CEO – Karen Lynch (Age – 59)

Karen S. Lynch replaced Larry Merlo in 2021 to lead CVS Health Corporation as the chief executive officer and president. The American healthcare company’s headquarters is in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, US. CVS CEO Karen is an American businesswoman with decades of experience in the healthcare industry. She maneuvered the Aetna-CVS integration and handled covid-induced business […]

West Pharma CEO – Eric Green (Age – 53)

After the exit of Donald E. Morel, Jr., Eric M. Green became the CEO of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. The American pharmaceutical company offers injectable solutions and services. West Pharma CEO Eric Green is dedicated to building a strong and committed management team and creating strategies for further developments. With his experience and incredible leadership […]

Gilead CEO – Daniel O’Day (Age – 57)

Daniel O’Day became chairman and CEO of the US-based biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, Inc. in March 2019 after John Milligan’s resignation from the post. Gilead’s headquarters is in Foster City, California. He helped company sail through the COVID-19 turmoil and came up with the first approved antiviral Remdesivir. Since the time he joined this high-profile […]

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