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Vita Coco CEO – Michael Kirban (Age – 46)

Michael (Mike) Kirban is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of one of America’s leading coconut water companies Vita Coco (headquarters – New York). Michael founded this US-based coconut brand with childhood friend Ira Liran in 2004. Prior to this, he ran a computer software business, which helped him fund his new project Vita […]

Portillo’s CEO – Michael Osanloo (Age – 55)

Michael (Mike) Osanloo succeeded Keith Kinsey in 2018 to become the president and CEO of the leading fast-casual restaurant chain Portillo’s Restaurant Group, Inc. Portillo’s headquarters is in Oak Brook, Illinois. Portillo’s CEO Michael’s leadership is focused on employee training, company culture, and the chain’s continuous evolution to be one of the best fast food […]

First Watch CEO – Chris Tomasso (Age – 51)

Christopher A. Tomasso (Chris Tomasso) replaced Ken Pendery to become the CEO of a leading American breakfast-lunch chain, First Watch Restaurants Inc., in June 2018. First Watch is headquartered in University Park, Florida. Before this, he was working as president from 2015. His journey with the First Watch restaurant chain started in 2006 as the […]

PepsiCo CEO – Ramon Laguarta (Age – 58)

Ramon Laguarta took over as CEO, chairman, and president of America’s leading food, snack, and beverage firm PepsiCo, Inc. in 2018 after Indra Nooyi’s retirement. PepsiCo’s headquarters is in Harrison, New York. PepsiCo CEO Ramon is the first Spanish person to lead the company from the highest leadership position. He wants to dominate the convenient […]

Starbucks CEO – Kevin Johnson (Age – 61)

Kevin R. Johnson was appointed as CEO of leading American coffee chain, Starbucks Corporation, in 2017 after the departure of Howard Schultz. He is also company’s Director and President. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson is recognized for his passion and emphasis on human connection. He is responsible for company’s strategy and growth. His journey with the […]

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