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Salesforce CEO – Marc Benioff (Age – 59)

Touted to be one of the successful internet entrepreneurs, Marc Benioff became the pioneer of cloud computing by founding Salesforce (headquartered in San Francisco, California) in 1999. He leads the company from the positions of chairman and CEO. He is best recognized for his role in making Salesforce a world leader in Customer Relationship Management […]

HubSpot CEO – Yamini Rangan (Age – 49)

Yamini Rangan became the CEO of popular CRM platform HubSpot in 2021 after succeeding Brian Halligan. Earlier, she  held the position of Chief Customer Officer at the company. HubSpot CEO Yamini Rangan is known for accelerating growth through customer advocacy. Like a strong leader, she builds and leads high performing teams to drive results. Yamini  […]

Bosch CEO – Stefan Hartung (Age – 56)

Robert Bosch GmbH (Bosch) is under the reign of newly appointed CEO Stefan Hartung from 2022. He has succeeded Volkmar Denner. The German company Bosch specializes in engineering and technology. Bosch CEO Stefan Hartung chairs the management board of the company and has a stake also. He handles governmental dealings, corporate communications, and company’s strategy. […]

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