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Bosch CEO – Stefan Hartung (Age – 56)

Robert Bosch GmbH (Bosch) is under the reign of newly appointed CEO Stefan Hartung from 2022. He has succeeded Volkmar Denner. The German company Bosch specializes in engineering and technology. Bosch CEO Stefan Hartung chairs the management board of the company and has a stake also. He handles governmental dealings, corporate communications, and company’s strategy. Stefan has led various business interests of the engineering giant, such as mobility solutions, energy & building technology, etc. He […]

Dell CEO – Michael Dell (Age – 57)

Michael Saul Dell is credited with founding one of the leading tech infrastructure firms in the world called Dell Technologies Inc. He is also CEO and Chairman. Dell CEO Michael Dell opines that technology should enable human potential and that forms the foundation of his company. He has been one of the youngest Fortune 500 CEOs. People look up to him for his vision and moves. Under his leadership, the tech giant once again went […]

Salesforce CEO – Marc Benioff (Age – 57)

Touted to be one of the successful internet entrepreneurs, Marc Benioff became the pioneer of cloud computing by founding Salesforce (headquartered in San Francisco, California) in 1999. He leads the company from the positions of chairman and CEO. He is best recognized for his role in making Salesforce a world leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Under his guidance, the cloud computing giant thrives on four main values – innovation, trust, equality, and customer […]

Zoom CEO – Eric Yuan (Age – 51)

Eric Yuan is the founder and CEO of a leading video chat app company called Zoom Video Communications. Zoom is headquartered in San Jose, California. Eric started this tech firm in 2011, and its exponential success has led him to become one of the richest Chinese-American businessmen in the world. Unlike other Silicon Valley CEOs, he has been late to begin his entrepreneurial journey at age 41. However, he has been able to influence the […]

IBM CEO – Ginni Rometty

Ginni Rometty (also known as Virginia Marie) became the Chairman, President, and CEO of one of the world’s largest technology companies, IBM, by replacing Samuel J. Palmisano in 2012. In the company’s history, she’s the first woman to be at the helm of its business.  After she became IBM CEO, Ginni received many awards and accolades for her contributions. Fortune featured her in the list of 50 most powerful business women in 2005 and TIME […]

Apple CEO – Tim Cook (Age – 61)

In 2011, Tim Cook or Timothy Donald Cook became the CEO of the leading American tech company Apple Inc. that was valued at 300 billion USD. Today, under his aegis, the company can potentially become 1 trillion dollar worth. After the death of Apple’s co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs, Tim has been leading the company from the front. During his first year in the office as Apple CEO, Tim helped the company to generate […]

Microsoft CEO – Satya Nadella (Age – 54)

Satya Nadella became the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft in 2014 after Steve Ballmer left his post at the company. As Microsoft CEO, Satya implemented changes at different levels to help it bounce back to its glorious days. From cloud computing to augmented reality, he brought focus to those segments that proved beneficial for the company. In 2021, Satya was also named the Chairman of Microsoft, becoming the 2nd person in the organization, first being […]

Freshworks CEO – Girish Mathrubootham (Age – 46)

Girish Mathrubootham cofounded his cloud-enabled customer-support software firm Freshworks Inc. (formerly Freshdesk) with Shan Krishnasamy in 2010. Even after experiencing a couple of failures on work front, Freshworks CEO Girish did not give up on his entrepreneurial spirit, and remained determined and focused on his path. And that’s perhaps the reason why that his company Freshworks that owns all of his product innovations starting from Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshcaller, and others has been able to win […]

Google Alphabet CEO – Sundar Pichai

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is known for his humble and simple nature. The India-born technocrat is also admired for his stress-free approach toward work, something which he successfully follows despite being the leader of world’s topmost tech company where new challenges await him almost every day. His career at Google, Inc. (headquartered in California, US) started in 2004. But it took him only 11 years from there to reach the top leadership position. Before becoming […]

Slack CEO – Stewart Butterfield

A successful entrepreneur and businessman from Canada, Stewart Butterfield cofounded his cloud-based business communication app Slack with Tiny Speck in 2014. Slack CEO Stewart, who is known for his knowledge of technology and design, is also credited with building of a popular photo sharing platform Flickr in 2002. It was later acquired by Yahoo in March 2005. For more details on Stewart, such as age, career, net worth, and email address, scroll down the wiki […]

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