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Category: Petcare

PetSmart CEO – JK Symancyk (Age – 50)

After Michael Massey, James Kevin Symancyk “JK” of PetSmart is one of the company’s top executives, working as CEO and President since 2018. He carries a rich knowledge of the consumer retail industry. PetSmart CEO JK Symancyk in his new highest leadership role is responsible for building a bond of trust with pets and pet parents. In his long career, he has helped companies become profitable. He has been instrumental in enhancing team performance. Under […]

Petco CEO – Ron Coughlin (Age – 55)

In 2018, Ronald (Ron) Coughlin succeeded Brad Weston to become the CEO of Petco, an American health and wellness company specializing in pet care products and services. A veteran in the field of consumer products and technology, Petco CEO Ron Coughlin looks after strategies and overall business expansion. His main aim is to maintain the goodwill of the company while giving it a new shape and direction. Ron has proved his leadership skills across different […]

Wag CEO – Hilary Schneider

Hilary Schneider replaced Cofounder Josh Viner to become the Chief Executive Officer of Wag in January 2018. Wag CEO Schneider’s love for pets and her previous strong experience in Executive roles at different leading companies made her a perfect choice for the company. (For information such as the CEO’s age, net worth, and email address, keep reading this wiki) Wag is an on-demand mobile app for pet owners that help them find dog walkers from […]