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Home Depot CEO – Craig Menear (Age 63)

In 2014, Craig Menear replaced Frank Blake to become the CEO and President of one of the publicly listed and trusted home improvement retailers of America, The HomeDepot Inc. In 2015, he was also appointed as the Chairman of the company. Home Depot CEO Craig brings with him a 38-year of rich retailing experience having worked in all the divisions, right from supply chain to marketing to online, etc. For more details such as the CEO’s age, net worth, and email address, scroll down this wiki page. 

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Craig Menear Home Depot CEO

Home Depot Competitors

In the home improvement space, Home Depot faces competition from the likes of:

  1. Lowe’s
  2. Menards
  3. Ace Hardware
  4. True Value

Home Depot Craig Menear’s Salary & Net Worth 

As of 2021, the Home Depot CEO’s net worth was estimated to be between 55-65 million USD. In 2020, he drew a total compensation of around 13.99 million USD.

Institutional investors are the main owners of HomeDepot, holding 69.2% of its shares. Adams Express Company is one of them. Insiders own around 0.3% company’s shares, as per reports.  Funding and valuation related information will be added shortly.

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Career & Education – Company, University, & College                                  

Before he became the CEO and President of the home improvement company, Craig served The HomeDepot in various roles heading its supply chain, merchandising, marketing, online, store operations, and other divisions in a span of over 21 years starting from 1997. In 2007, he was appointed the EVP of Merchandising. Prior to coming to Home Depot, he worked with a number of home center, specialty and other retailers including Grace Home Centers, Montgomery Ward, Builders Emporium, and Ikea. At Sweden-based multinational group Ikea his role was that of a Distribution Manager.

Menear holds a Bachelor’s degree from Eli Broad College of Business – Michigan State University. He also attended Flint Central High School.

Craig Menear – Home Depot CEO Email  | Twitter | LinkedIn

To write to him over e-mail contact [email protected]

Home Depot Customer Care Number | Help & Support

You can call company’s customer care number at 1-800-430-3376 for online order assistance. For help with in-store purchase, you can email them at [email protected]

Craig Menear Wiki – Age, Wife, Family, & More

Home Depot CEO Craig, age 63, was born in Flint, Michigan in around 1958. His father was a tool and die maker at Flint General Motors. As a kid, Craig set up a lawn care business and bought his first car from his personal savings. Later he completed his graduation and took a decent job at the now-extinct company Montgomery Ward. He is a family man. He and his wife have two daughters. According to his wife, Craig is very competitive, collaborative, detail-oriented, and compassionate person.

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19 comments on Home Depot CEO – Craig Menear (Age 63)

  1. Mr. Menear, As Home Depot’s CEO you have a vested interest in ensuring your retail customers are treated respectfully and satisfactorily. We recently purchased high grade GE appliances at HD. Unfortunately, the GE microwave has a critical design error. My beef is with GE, not HD staff. Nevertheless, as a purveyor of GE Appliance products you are in my opinion obligated to assist your retail customers who have been harmed by GE. I have had absolutely no response from GE Appliances, including from their CEO, Kevin Nolan, their VP, David McCalpin, and President of Investor Relations, Steve Minoker. Their customer service both on-line and by phone is horrendous. I am asking you to please assist us. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you promptly.

  2. On June 28 torrential rains flooded many basements in the Detroit area. Among many appliances my washer and dryer were destroyed. On July 3 I bought and paid by debit card both items at Home Depot. I was trying to register a 5 year warranty. I could not register since the items were not delivered but was told I had not paid for those items anyway. A call to my bank assured me that that was incorrect. Home Depot had no record and a manager finally talked to one of my bank reps and was assured that they were wrong. She gave me a 50$ refund. The delivery date was set for July 15. That day came and went. A new June 18 delivery date (Sunday) was a mistake and was changed to July 21. An other mistake. Now it will be August 5. They are blaming computers and Covid. I should have been told if there was a problem and not take my money. I am going to the laundromat weekly and that is not cheep anymore, After this fiasco is over, Loews will be my future store. I will have to drive farther but I know that I do not have to hunt for a sales person like it is the norm in the Dearborn, Michigan store.

  3. I am very disappointed with Home Depot and will not recommend Home Depot to anyone. This is the 3rd time I have had a problem with you. 1st with my kitchen appliances, then with carpet, now with a washer & dryer. 3 strikes and your out! You must take responsibility for the people you hire to make your deliveries & installation people.

  4. Bye-bye Home Depot- I dont like your actions about MLB and their moving out of Atlanta for the All Star Game. We dont need your corporation, Mr Menear, getting involved in political statements.
    Account will be deleted and I will shop at Lowes!

  5. I am sorry to hear of your position on the New Voter laws in Georgia. Although I live in Texas and use your products until I heard your weak response to the Georgia New Voter Law, I and all the sub contractors will buy from Loews. We will not go back to the 60’s when it comes to Civil Rights and will use our purchasing power to keep and hold the limited advances worked so hard for over the past 50+ years. The Major League Baseball organization made the right decision in moving the All Star games from Georgia. We are hoping that the leaders of the private companies will do the same and not support, with your actions, this move to suppress hard fought gains in Civil Rights.

  6. Dear Mr Menear,
    I have to commend your company for hiring good honest hard working people. I’m referring to the assistant manager Angela at the Eugene Oregon store. She has helped me with a Samsung dryer issue , after many many dead end phone calls to samsung , she managed to help me resolve the problem that had been going on for over a month. Clearly this was not a big deal for anyone but me , but Angela was as concerned about it, seemly as I was. She is a professional as well as a good person. In this very difficult time when people feel isolated and alone, what a fresh breath of humanity , lucky for me, Lucky for Home Depot!
    Many Thanks,
    Geni Dowling

  7. 26 January 2021 Account Number 6035 3209 5512 6451

    Dear Craig;

    I don’t regret having to tell you, that today I paid off my account and instructed your
    employee to cancel this account to send the strongest message possible to Home Depot on how
    not to treat a customer, and I will not step in one of your stores for as long as I live.

    Reason should be as clear as your hand in front of your face, I received my bill in the mail today and there was a $30.00 Fee Charged for non-payment. I called your payment center and informed them that we mailed a payment on 1 January 2021, check #8593 in the amount of $41.72. Your employee, did inform me that Home Depot has not received the check at present, she continued that mail was way behind and she knows that they just received a lot of checks in the mail but have not been processed.

    Being highly upset, I told your employee that i was going right down to Home Depot now to pay the bill but I wanted her to close this account immediately.

    My wife and I drove to Home Depot, paid off the account and was informed by your employee that they can remove the $30.00 Fee Charged, I instructed my wife to pay the bill which included your Fee Charged of $30.00. Then told your employee that we are in a pandemic, mail is running slow and Home Depot is so hard up for a Fee Charges we will pay the damn fee, but we won’t ever be in this store again and she processed our check in the amount of $76.73. Then I handed her my cut up Credit Card. I called to confirmed this account has been closed, in which it was. (I did ask for a Store Manager and one was not available at 5pm)

    Sorry it has to be this way, I’m sure I’m not the only one leaving your store over Fee Charges.
    It could have been handled a different way on your side but it seems greed got the best of your organization.

    Rest Assure, I’m good with my decision and wish you continuous success. I realizes you deal with a lot of non paying customers (Dirt Bags) but I’m not one of them, my integrity is fully intact.

    Lastly, there is still a matter of the check in the amount of $41.72, when you receive it, please mail it back to us.

    Thank you for your time;

    Kirk N Reider
    GySgt USMC Ret.

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