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Arhaus CEO – John Reed (Age – 67)

Arhaus is a high-end home furnishings company and John Reed is at the helm of it as CEO. Arhaus CEO John Reed is also a co-founder of the company. John’s only successor to the position so far was Adrian Mitchell. However, after his resignation, Reed took the charge once again. Under him, the retailer designs the products and partners make them worldwide. He is focused on expansion through increasing the company’s physical footprint and online presence. He believes that furniture demands careful handling and should be long-lasting. In his decades of experience, he has toured different parts of the world for inspiration, techniques, designs, and materials. He works with only those artisans who create heirloom pieces. Arhaus has become a public company under his guidance. Dip into this wiki for details such as Arhaus CEO email, John Reed net worth, and Arhaus net worth.

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Arhaus Competitors

Some of the retailers from the same space with higher consumer awareness include:

  • Williams-Sonoma
  • West Elm and Pottery Barn

John Reed Net Worth – Arhaus CEO Salary

As of 2022, John Reed’s net worth is estimated to be between 200-300 million USD. He reportedly makes 3-5 million USD in annual compensation package.

Arhaus Net Worth – Is Arhaus Profitable?

As of 2022, Arhaus’s net worth can be in the range of 0.80-2 billion USD. Yes, Arhaus is profitable.

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Arhaus CEO Email | John Reed Contact

You can consider sending an email to [email protected] to connect with the company’s CEO.

Career & Education – Company

In 1986, John launched his luxury retail company. He has served its board as a director since 2013. He played the role of Chief Executive Officer from 1997-2015. In 2017, he again took control of the furniture company as the CEO.

John Reed Wiki – Age, Family, & More

John Reed, age 67, started the company with his father. The first store was opened in Cleveland, Ohio. From there, he helped it transform into an omni-channel retailer. He has used a combination of Danish and German references to name his store Arhaus. Reed takes pride in the exclusivity of his products and that the company handles a large part of the development process.

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