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Vita Coco CEO – Michael Kirban (Age – 46)

Michael (Mike) Kirban is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of one of America’s leading coconut water companies Vita Coco (headquarters – New York). Michael founded this US-based coconut brand with childhood friend Ira Liran in 2004. Prior to this, he ran a computer software business, which helped him fund his new project Vita Coco when he was only 28. Under his leadership, his product expanded to 13 countries across the globe. Initially, he was more focused on production. But soon he gained knowledge of FDA regulations and distribution to increase his business footprint. Vita Coco CEO Michael is well-known for his mental agility and opportunity spotting talent like any other successful entrepreneur. Under him, the company went for an IPO on NASDAQ in 2021.

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Michael Kirban – Net Worth & Salary

As of 2021, Vita Coco CEO Michael’s net worth could be estimated to be around 220-240 million USD, assuming he holds 20% of stake in the company. Post IPO, Vita Coco’s valuation is expected to reach 1.2 billion USD. Mike raised funds from top-rated celebrities like Madonna, Demi Moore, Rihanna, Spike Lee, and Matthew McConaughey.

Contact Vita Coco CEO – Email Address | Twitter | LinkedIn

You can try to reach Michael Kirban at his email ID [email protected]. His LinkedIn profile is

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Career & Education – Company, University, & College

The founder of Vita Coco Mike Kirban got the idea of starting the beverages company when he and his friend Ira went to a small NYC bar to meet two Brazilian girls, who revealed they missed coconut water, a popular drink in their native country. He studied about the benefits of the fruit, and after a discussion with his father, he decided to start a coconut water business. He launched his brand in 2004. Before this, he was running a software business since his teenage years. He also did some modeling gigs. 

He is a college dropout. Because of his learning disabilities, he spent half of his school time in regular classes and another half in special education. 

Michael Kirban Wiki – Age, Wife, Family, & More

Michael Kirban (age 46) is married to Arianna. They have one daughter from their marriage. Mike goes to the gym for stress management more than physical fitness. Boxing and Marine-style workout form a part of his routine. He had started his coconut water company to make extra money to fulfill his traveling goals. However, his vision and focus turned his company into a household name in the US. One of the old rivals of his coconut water brand was Zico, which was later acquired by Coca-Cola. The competitor is planning for a comeback. Michael also runs Vita Coca outreach programs to help some countries with sanitation, hospital, education, etc. 

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