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US Bank CEO – Andrew Cecere (Age – 62)

When Richard Davis stepped down in 2017, Andrew J. Cecere (Andy Cecere) was appointed CEO of the U.S. Bank, which belongs to the holding company U.S. Bancorp. He is also bank President since 2016 and Chairman since 2018. As U.S. Bank CEO, Andy Cecere takes care of daily management, growth strategy, culture, and financial performance of the bank. His leadership is seen as strong and full of business insight. He is admired for his intellect and long-running banking experience. Looking for information such as US Bank CEO email address, Andy Cecere net worth, US Bank CEO salary, and Andrew Cecere wife & family details? Scroll down this wiki page!

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U.S. Bank Competitors

Being a Fortune 500 company and counted among America’s largest banks, U.S. Bank faces competition from:

  1. Wells Fargo
  2. Bank of America
  3. Citigroup

Andrew Cecere Net Worth – US Bank CEO Salary

As of 2023, Andy Cecere net worth was estimated to range between 65-80 million USD. In 2022, as per reports, the US Bank CEO salary and total annual compensation was around 17.2 million USD. 

US Bank Net Worth – Is US Bank Profitable?

As of 2023, US Bank net worth hovered between 55-65 billion USD. Yes, the US Bank runs a profitable enterprise. 

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US Bank CEO Email Address |Andrew Cecere Contact

For email try writing to [email protected]

Career & Education – Company, University, & College                                              

Prior to assuming the role of Chairman, President and CEO, Cecere was the Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer at the U.S. Bank from 2015 to 2016. From 2007 to 2015, he served the bank as Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer. From 2001 to 2007, he handled US Bank’s Wealth Management and Investment Services as Vice Chairman. In 2001, Firstar Corporation acquired U.S. Bancorp. Before that, he worked as the executive officer of the ex-U.S. Bancorp. From 2000 to 2001, he served it as CFO.

Andy has done Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Finance from St. Thomas. He went to the University of Minnesota for MBA in Finance.

U.S. Bank Customer Care Number | Help & Support

Tweet your queries or concerns to bank’s official Twitter handle @AskUSBank for customer service support. Or, visit Contact Us page on the official website to reach out to their customer representative team for your particular concern or question.

Andrew Cecere Wiki – Age, Wife & More

US Bank CEO Andrew, age 62, was born around 1961. He is committed to higher education. He is a member of the Board of Overseers of the Carlson School of Management – the University of Minnesota. Aside from that, Andy is a Board of Trustee at the University of St. Thomas. Kathy M. Cecere is Andrew Cecere’s wife. 

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3 comments on US Bank CEO – Andrew Cecere (Age – 62)

  1. I just tried to get into my account. Couldn’t. Apparently some stupid SOB decided to change my user name to “thebigshit”. Thanks Andrew. You really run a “professional’ organization. Combine that with your lack of interest in any communications with depositors (Remember: business 101: “the customer is the only person who sends you money” – Peters – you might want to use that quote in one of your talks to employees or the classes you “teach”. I’m sure no-one has ever thought of depositors that way!) you and your bank are the “bigshits”. So, I’m changing my user name to “USBANKSUCKS” Any time you contact me, make sure to use my user name. In addition, since you feel that my time is free (it’s not) I am adding a new line to ALL agreements between me and US Bank. My time is $10 per minute. Anyone contacting me will need to make sure that $150 is deposited in my account BEFORE contactin me, whether by e-mail, phone, text, or mail. Best regards USBANKSUCKS.

  2. On Friday evening, July 9, 2021, I attempted to deposit $640 into the bank machine of the branch on Harvard Avenue, Cleveland, OH. As happens far too often, that machine was not functioning. Drive a couple miles to the next machine, I put the money into the machine. I was prompted at some of the bills were not accepted and being returned. Nothing opened. The next prompt was that I hadn’t taken the bill in the time allotted, and the cash deposit was declined. A “receipt” was printed that stated that I was to call a number to “assist in the return of these items.” That number tells me up to 10 days to answer the dispute. THIS WAS CASH! The office that is attached to this machine is “temporarily closed”. After an hour on the phone this morning, attempting to get the money returned to me or talk to someone in charge, I WAS HUNG UP ON!

    I was an employee of Star Bank, with the “5 Star Guarantee” of service. I am quickly finding out that that policy is no longer in place. US Bank has not been responsive on several occasions now.

    Why should I stay with your bank?

  3. I am writing to you today, because for a long period of time I have been submitting my application to be hired, and always getting turned down. I do not know the reason. I have 7 years of Banking Experience with Bank of America, as a Personal Banker II, as well as experience with Originating and Closing Mortgages. I also have 14 years of Customer Service and Sales Experience. I am excellent at Cross-Selling, and Problem Resolutions with Customers..

    Looking at some of the Complaints that I have seen and heard from people who have had experience with U S Bank, you need an employee like me to help get to the root of the problem, and be more smoother, and be more compliant with these customers. If you are wondering why you are losing Customers, that is why!

    I have visited some of your branches, and the air is Stiff, not Congenial.

    xxx xxx-xxxx

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