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Allstate CEO – Thomas Wilson (Age – 65)

Thomas J. Wilson (also called Tom) was brought in place of Edward Liddy in 2007 to lead the largest American insurance providers Allstate Corporation as CEO. He also holds the position of Chairman and President at the company. Allstate CEO Thomas Wilson is credited with transforming the company into an innovative, highly productive property and casualty insurer for long-term. He did away with non-core assets and invested in cutting-edge solutions for the good of company’s employees, customers, communities, and agency owners. Allstate is a spin-off from Sears, Roebuck and Co. Its main business segments include Allstate Financial, Allstate Protection, Discontinued Lines and Coverages, etc. (Explore this wiki for details such as Allstate CEO email address, Thomas Wilson net worth, Allstate net worth etc.)

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Tom Wilson Allstate CEO


Allstate Competitors

In the insurance industry, the Fortune 500 listed company Allstate has competitors like:

  1. State Farm
  2. Geico
  3. Farmers Insurance

Thomas Wilson Net Worth – Allstate CEO Salary

As of 2023, the net worth of Allstate CEO, Tom Wilson, was estimated to range between 75-100 million USD. In 2021, he reportedly drew a total compensation of around 36.4 million USD.

Allstate Net Worth – Is Allstate Profitable?

As of 2023, the publicly listed company has a valuation that ranges between 30-40 billion USD in terms of market cap. Yes, Allstate is profitable.

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Allstate CEO Email Address | Thomas Wilson Contact

You can go to Thomas’s LinkedIn profile here – His email id is [email protected]

Career & Education – Company, University, & College                                  

Before he became CEO in 2007 and Chairman a year later, Thomas Wilson held several leadership roles at Allstate from the time of his joining in 1995. He became company’s Allstate Financial unit’s Chairman and President. He served the holding company as CFO.

He came to the insurance company from Sears, Roebuck and Co. He was VP of Strategy and Analysis there. From 1986 to 1993, he worked with Dean Witter Reynolds as MD of Mergers and Acquisitions. Between 1980 and 1986, he worked in different financial roles at the Amoco Corporation.

He attended Lake Shore High School in 1975. He went to the University of Michigan to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Later, he studied at Kellogg School of Management – Northwestern University for MBA.

Thomas Wilson Wiki – Age, Wife, Family, & More

Allstate CEO Thomas, age 65, was born in 1958 in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. He resides in Chicago. His wife is Jill Garling and they have three children. In December 2017, the couple sold their Lincoln Park home for 2.5 million USD. The outside of the house donned a brick-and-limestone look adorned by intricate cornice. It housed 6 bedrooms, living and dining rooms, kitchen, two staircases, master suite, etc. Located on Mohawk Street, the classic Lincoln Park-style home was made in 1886. The couple had purchased the house in 1993 for 433,000 USD. At that time, Wilson was working at Sears Roebuck as VP.

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Allstate Customer Support & Help

You can reach out to customer care team of the American insurance company at 1-877-810-2920 for assistance with claims or queries. Or, tweet your concerns or questions to the company’s official Twitter handle @Allstatecares.

6 comments on Allstate CEO – Thomas Wilson (Age – 65)

  1. Have had an Allstate policy on my home for 10 years. Also have my car insured. I was a previous Allstate customer when I was married for 20 years. I have NEVER filed a claim on my homeowners in the 30 years I have had coverage. Due to recent storms (several) over the last several weeks in Alabama, I woke up to water pouring into my laundry room and my ceiling collapsing. Also had floor damage. The adjuster came and took tons of pictures and was there a long time. Later that day I received a call from the Claims Office stating that looking at the pictures it looked like mold on the ceiling that was collapsing. I told her that we had never had any water in the house until the day I called. She said since the claim was not caused by “a natural disaster” (hail, tornado etc) that my roof was just needing normal matainence (she also said my roof looked great and had about 10 years more life on it). She said my claim was denied. I have been a customer for YEARS. I am a single woman raising a grandson and because she felt that my ceiling had mold my claim was denied. Now I am stuck with a spot on my roof water is getting into my house, a ceiling that is falling in and flooring that is damaged. WHY HAVE INSURANCE IF YOU CANNOT USE IT WHEN YOU NEED IT. I cant afford to pay out of pocket for this. I WILL BE CHANGING INSURNACE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  2. Bucks county allstate was not informative at all regarding payment processing and due to their negligence I am now facing termination of my policy because they want a one month in advance payment when I started stating facts wich I have alot of emails the employee literally screamed at me .The manager is unreachable and the other manager said he would change my date to help and would call me back and never did .Nor was my date changed I lose ins after tomorrow. The employee today she also laughed at me saying well the manager probably couldn’t change the date .I receive treatment at the cancer center and my relative I’m on policy with just had hours cut severely due to covid .I shouldn’t be penalized because of an employees error wich she admitted to. Trying to reach corporate is non existence and the employee from bucks county allstate when I mentioned the pa state dept of ins is willing to investigate she screamed louder and said you can have any investigation you want done go ahead !

  3. I am trying to reach someone at Allstate Corporate regarding a very terrible experience with one of your Allstate agents in Tucson, AZ. We have moved to another agent of Allstate to handle our account. However, I was informed that our old agent who has ignored our calls even with us moving to another agency that he will continue to get a commission from our policy, which he should not be rewarded for not doing his job and representing Allstate accordingly. We are requesting that the new agency gets the commission from our policies, however, we were told we would have to cancel our old policy and wait 120 days to come back if we want the new agent to get the commission. Well, this is not going to happen, we need our coverage; but I would think Allstate Corporate would have a directive to all agents that if, they dismiss their customer and they are forced to move to another agency within Allstate that the commission original given to the old agent would be taken away and given to the new agent; since they will be handling our account and do the work that our old agent should have been doing.

    Unfortunately, this is the only way to reach someone at Allstate Corporate Office.

  4. Mr. Tom J. Wilson, CEO – of Allstate

    PLEASE HELP !!!!
    My vehicle was involved in an accident on June 4th 2022. Today is June 24th 2022 And no one from Allstate has called me to give me any reason of my Vehicle. I have called 22 times no one knows the whereabouts to my vehicle. I demand Compensation ( Rental ) and RETRO ACTIVE Pay.. I do not see the logic in paying insurance on a car that is not in use nor under your possession.

  5. Years ago, Allstate cancelled my home owners policy. I found another company who was more honest and I am happy with them. Allstate sends me their junk mail from different agents. I want to be removed from Allstate’s junk mail list as I will never do business with them again! I hope they go away like Sears did.

  6. I send receipt for rebursement and was told they had it but now they can’t find it was for a tow I paid for it was 75.00 dollars and I was told was deposited in to my bank they have no record be trying for 2 months almost 3 to get my money back also told they mail it got nothing please take care of this for me thank you

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