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Enterprise CEO – Chrissy Taylor (Age – 47)

The American car rental and transportation services company Enterprise Holdings, Inc. declared Chrissy Taylor as CEO in 2020. She is the third generation of the Taylor family, which laid the foundation of this company back in 1957. The current Enterprise CEO Chrissy Taylor has replaced Pamela Nicholson. Chrissy drives the company’s strategies and operations at global level. Everyone knows her for her high energy, determination, and competitiveness. And she is the only second female in the company’s history to hold the helm. Due to her longer association with the business, she is well aware of Enterprise’s culture and other aspects. She values customers and employees equally. Get to know Enterprise CEO email address, Chrissy Taylor net worth, husband & family and Enterprise CEO salary details in this wiki.

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Enterprise Competitors

The other car rental companies are:

  • Turo
  • Hertz
  • Avis
  • Uber

Chrissy Taylor Net Worth – Enterprise CEO Salary

As of 2023, Chrissy Taylor’s net worth is estimated to lie between 50-80 million USD. The Enterprise CEO’s salary and annual compensation is estimated to range between 5-10 million USD.

Enterprise Net Worth – Is Enterprise Profitable?

As of 2023, Enterprise’s net worth ranges from 30-40 billion USD. Yes, Enterprise Holdings is profitable.

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Enterprise CEO Email Address|Chrissy Taylor Contact

You can send an email to [email protected] to connect with the car rental company’s top executive. Visit her LinkedIn page at

Career & Education – Company, University, & College

Chrissy began her career at Enterprise with its Rent-A-Car management training program in 1995 as a management trainee. In 2003, she was moved to the corporate headquarters to handle the US market’s regional operations. In 2006, Chrissy was transferred to London to capture Ireland, Germany, and the UK markets. Next, she became a part of the company’s treasury group to participate in the fleet management segment’s financial revamp. In 2016, she was promoted as EVP and COO and in 2019, she was company’s President. Taylor has done BA from Miami University and MBA from Washington University, St. Louis.

Chrissy Taylor Wiki – Age, Husband, Family, & More

Chrissy Taylor, age 47, is the daughter and granddaughter of Andy Taylor and Jack Taylor, respectively. Her husband is Lee Broughton. Chrissy tries to balance her home and career like everyone else. Her father Andy advised her to do what made her happy. He would take Chrissy to the office when she was young and she does the same thing with her kids.

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6 comments on Enterprise CEO – Chrissy Taylor (Age – 47)

  1. We bought a car at Enterprise Car Sales on Covington Pike in Memphis, TN. After three months, the transmission had to be replaced. The manager didn’t want to be responsible for fixing the brakes and rotors. She said it was my responsibility. Now I refuse to go back and forth with her on the crack in the windshield. I NEVER received the car certification letting us know this car is ready to be sold to us as a consumer. The initial car Nissan Altima needed some work also so I thought getting the Nissan Sentra was a good idea. Has anyone else had any problems?

  2. Hello. On January 30th, I returned my rental at the Reno-Tahoe airport @545 am to enterprise drop off. Just 20 minutes after I returned the car, I realized my Bose ear buds were left behind in the middle console of the vehicle as I was boarding my flight. I immediately called lost and found and notified them of my left behind ear buds and gave them the exact location of where they were. 3 hours later, I received an email stating my ear buds could not be located. I can assure you the ear buds were left behind by accident and I wish whomever the employee was that clean out the vehicle to do the right thing and return them. I know enterprise does not take responsibility of lost items but this is an integrity issue that I am certainly not ok with. I am requesting this theft matter to be looked into. I am sure enterprise holds their employees to a rightful standard and discourages employees to claim left behind property as their own. These ear buds were gifted to me from a family member that recently passed away. So I have a personal sentimental attachment to them as you can see. Please make this right. Thank you.

  3. I was given a rental car through enterprise by the party who hit my vehicles insurance . I have had this vehicle for over 2 weeks while my car was being fixed. yesterday I was pulled over by the local police. the rental I was given was not registered nor insured and www as towed away by th the police! I am 57 and disabled!! I was lucky enough to get a police officer that was nice! he drove me to the nearest dunkin donuts where my daughter picked me up!! The office in Fitchburg Massachusetts that I rented it from was closed all weekend I have to wait till Monday to even speak to a representative. This is unacceptable you are a multi million dollar company and you have rental vehicles that are not registered or insured and you rent them out to disabled people like myself standing out in the cold waiting for a ride and the whole time I assumed I had a legitimate vehicle this needs to be fixed I am contacting my attorney and I am going to file a lawsuit I have post traumatic stress and anxiety the situation did not help in any way shape or form٫ this is unacceptable I will be contacting my local news and giving them this information I’m sure a lot of people would be happy to hear about this I am so very upset Leslie M

  4. Dear Ms. Taylor,

    For some reason when I make reservation for Enterprise, the office receives the address but not my phone number, so the last 2 reservations have been a problem when the office trys to call me. The system has an old phone number and Management Carley ( No last name no business card available) advised and Emily Sparr said nothing canbe done!
    That was not a good answer as you are aware. We went around a few times on this conversation with no resolution. However I would like to thank Roderick “RJ” Williams. He picked me up so we talked about it. I called while he was driving so this could b solved before arriving. Again with no resolution. It was not a good experience however Again RJ gave me an upgrade and none refule charge so I appreciated him very much and I hope he gets recognition and Emily gets a warning for arguing with me over n over when I told her OK you don’t need to keep telling me she could not anything about it. One more thing Carley looked awful her grooming needs mentioned.
    FYI.. I worked for Enterprise 2010 and 2011 seasonal and have over 50 years customer service.

  5. On November 9,2022, had a car crash, hit and run. Policy holder with Geico, CRS made reservations for me to pickup a rental at the Fort Lauderdale, FL off State Road 84. I specifically asked not a SUV, well I given one, the gas mileage was at 150mi. Weeks later, I was verbally harassed in returning the SUV back to the Broward office, because they say they had a buyer, I immediately called Geico and explain the harassing phone calls, interrupting me at work, breaking my focus. I made several attempts to switch out of the SUV, everywhere I went and called, there was no vehicles available. So I remained in the one I needed to go to and fro to work. I returned the SUV on 12/12/2022, LaMark, Manager allowed me time to go replace the gas back to 150mi. I am been told that the gas wasn’t replaced, so they chunck up charges. I got into a KIA, which was $30.00 a day, I picked it on up 12/12/2022 after 5:0pm, I could have been late in returning it, I can own my wrongs, mistakes. I returned the KIA on 12/14/2022; during lunch, appx 12:45pm; not sure if I was late, I picked up the KIA after 5:40pm. I have been charge wrongfully charge for gas I replaced. If I owed anything its only 30.00 plus tax a day. I maybe missing how car Enterprise conduct their business, but Broward team is awful, lowest of lowest. I believe it’s retaliation…187.89 for two days rental or even three, is ludicrist.
    I will reach out consumer affairs….

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