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Kohl’s CEO – Michelle Gass (Age – 54)

If you are wondering who runs Kohl’s – the answer is Michelle Gass, the CEO! She became Chief Executive Officer of the American department store chain Kohl’s Corporation in 2018 after Kevin Mansell retired from his post. She is one of the few female bosses in American retail businesses. Before she assumed the top position at the company, she served Kohl’s as chief merchandising and customer officer since 2015. Also, she spent nearly 15 years at Starbucks Corporation and 6 years at P&G. A veteran of retail and consumer goods sectors, she has over 25 years of professional experience in her field. As far as her education goes, Gass has done Chemical Engineering from a reputed institute. For details such as Kohl’s CEO email, Michelle Gass net worth & salary, Michelle Gass’ husband, simply scroll down the wiki. (Update: In November 2022, Kohl’s announced that Michelle Gass would be stepping down from her role. In a parallel press announcement, Levi Strauss & Co. mentioned that Michelle will be joining the American clothing brand in January 2023.)

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Kohl’s Competitors

The Fortune 500 ranked leading omnichannel retailer has to contend with following giants to maintain its position in the industry:

  1. Macy’s
  2. TJX
  3. Amazon

Michelle Gass Net Worth – Kohl’s CEO Salary

As of 2022, the Kohl CEO’s net worth is estimated to range between 40-60 million USD. Michelle Gass made close to 13 million USD in total compensation in 2021. The compensation she drew in previous years was less.

Kohl’s Net Worth – Is it Profitable?

The retailer is valued at upwards of 7 billion USD. Is Kohl’s profitable as a business? The answer is yes.

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Career & Education – Company, University, & College                                              

Before she became CEO of the company, Gass served Kohl’s as chief merchandising and customer officer in 2015. In 2013, she joined the company as chief customer officer. Before this, she worked for Starbucks for 16 years in different leadership positions handling merchandising, global strategy, and marketing. She did internship with P&G and after completing her college education, she joined full-time job there.

Michelle has done Chemical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Kohl’s CEO Email Address | Michelle Gass Contact 

To reach Kohl’s CEO over email try writing to [email protected]. Michelle Gass operates a Twitter handle @MichelleGass. She is also there on LinkedIn at

Kohl’s Customer Care Number | Help & Support

You can seek online assistance from customer representative team of the company on toll free number (866) 887-8884. For any other queries you can visit their website.

Michelle Gass Wiki – Age, Husband, Family, & More

Kohl’s CEO Michelle Gass, age 54, was born and brought up in Lewiston, Maine. Her parents are Claire and Bob Petkers. When she joined Starbucks, she had to move her base from Seattle to London along with family that includes her husband Scott and two children Megan and Will.  She misses her days in Maine and mostly the summer time when she would go to Thompson Lake. For her, one of the memorable vacations is when her husband and she went camping on the lake with their family joining them on and off throughout the week.

Gass drinks Americano while going to office, and moves over to tea by midday. One of her favorite choices in tea is Vanilla Rooibos.

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22 comments on Kohl’s CEO – Michelle Gass (Age – 54)

  1. Well, what you make to an “above” average associate is sickening. Even then. you must realize you are being setup with the moronic decisions being made by the uppers at Kohls. I doubt you realize the things that are set up for failure. Fairly obvious to the actual workers. Contact me if you will

  2. I have been a stockholder and Kohls’ Credit Card holder since 2018. I have never missed a payment in 4 years and pride myself on paying my bills on time. My Credit limit has been increased several times since I had the account. I was recently notified by the 3 Credit Bureaus that I had a late payment from my Kohls credit account. I was not aware that there was a balance and was not notified by mail, phone or email that a payment was due. There was no late fee charged, it went straight to the credit bureaus.

    All of my contact information is and was readily available in my account records. I have called your customer service office at least 10 times trying to correct this horrible mistake, but they keep telling me that they will contact me in 30 days with a letter.

    Where does common sense come into play here? My credit score dropped by 100 points from an Excellent Rating to Good, all because of 1.00. I was denied a loan because of the negative impact this situation had on my credit score. I have suffered emotional and financial distress as a result of this stupidity.

  3. Congrats to Kohls for having some values that are represented by most of the country. MR Pillow is NOT representive of the values of most of the country and we’re grateful someone has the guts to say NO to such a fraud. Carry on Kohls! We are keeping our investment in Kohls!!

  4. I have been a loyal customer of Kohl’s for 30 years. Reading from the other replies above, Ms. Gass, your effort to strengthen the loyalty of the Kohl’s customer base has fallen quite short due to trying to destroy Mike Lindell and his MyPillow company. SHAME ON ALL OF THE KOHL’S CORPORATE LEADERSHIP! Since you have not replied to the emails I have sent you, I will be writing you via snail mail and will be returning my $5 coupon for 30 years of doing business with Kohl’s. Please don’t think the “decrease in demand” is an excuse that will be swallowed by your customers. Actions speak much louder than words, and customers will also be taking action by not returning to your stores.

  5. First My Pillow boycott, now being more offensive by sending out celebrate Pride month emails. This company has turned politically and morally corupt.

  6. I love Kohl’s and even though you say you’re no longer selling “My Pillow” because of a decrease in consumer demand, it’s really not a good time to do that as it appears to be a political decision. So I just bought “My Pillow” from Mike Lindell’s personal website. I will start buying from Kohls when you start selling Mr. Lindell’s “My Pillow” again.

  7. I will make this very short. I have shopped at Kohls for about 20 years. Kohls has decided to enter the political arena and “cancel culture” by no longer selling products supplied by My Pillow. Since I think politics should be kept out of shopping, I am cancelling Kohls and will no longer shop there. I hope more and more patriots support this.

  8. Please be advised I’m selling all stocks and you have lost my household’s loyalty to your corporation. Your decision to drop Mr. Lindell just gave a PSA to 85 MILLION PATRIOTS as to where you stand and we heard it LOUD AND CLEAR. Something tells me you’re about to find out where we stand as well.

    (And that’s just the states, Boys)

  9. Dear Ms. Gass,
    I have been a loyal and enthusiastic Kohl’s customer for at least 30 years. When I heard that you were cancelling Mike Lindell’s products, to punish him for the exercise of his constitutional rights, ie to work for an ideology that you disagree with, I was stunned! This is America – the land of the free! Retribution for free speech belongs to totalitarian regimes, not to our country. One of the greatest rights we have been blessed with is free speech. If we lose this, we lose everything this country stands for. With all the censorship that has descended upon us in the past few months, it looks like this is what’s happening even with Kohl’s. What you’re doing is just another form of censorship. I find it so unworthy of a company that has benefitted greatly from the wealth of all of your shoppers, despite what they believe.
    Sadly, after all these years of loving your store, I cannot in conscience shop at Kohl’s anymore if this is the policy you choose to pursue. You are first and foremost a business. You spend a lot of money in advertising to lure people to shop at your store. Don’t you realize that this is also a form of advertising that could impact you very negatively? There are many, many people who feel the same way I do. Please, I beg you to reconsider this scurrilous act of vengeance on an upstanding person who happens to believe differently than you do. Please uphold the freedom that is so critical to our nation and to her citizens. Please have the courage to go against the machine that claims to espouse diversity, but actually works to suppress it at every turn. Your capitulation to this could cost you greatly.
    athy Ulrich

  10. Michelle Gass Kohl’s CEO
    I have shopped at Kohl’s for years spending a lot of my hard earned middle-class money. I am EXTREMELY UPSET with your decision to push your politics on the rest of us. YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO DO SO. You have every right to your personal opinion when it comes to politics and to support whomever you personally want to however when you begin pushing it from your corporate HQ that’s where it needs to STOP. Do you think that you do NOT have hard working conservative Republicans working for your company? Let me guarantee that you do and you now have decided that you should be their voice as well. NO, NO, NO you do NOT and in NO way should attempt to represent them in that way. Your decision to stop selling “My Pillow” brand as well as that to begin selling BLM items is WRONG !!! You alienating at least half and I am sure much more of your customer base. BLM is a Marxist group and you obviously have NOT done your homework because if you had you would know that that is NOT what America is about nor has ever been about. Politics should have ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE in retail. You need to stick to retail which is what you do best and drop the politics it is wrong. I will NO LONGER BE SPENDING MY HARD EARNED MONEY AT KOHL’S BECAUSE I DO NOT AND NEVER WILL SUPPORT OR AGREE WITH BLM OR ANY OF THE OTHER MARXIST GROUPS YOU MAY WRONGLY CHOOSE TO PUSH ON YOUR CUSTOMERS. YOU SEE YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO BE ONE OF THE FEW COMPANIES WHO SHOULD STAND UP FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS AND SIMPLY “DO RETAIL” WITHOUT POLITICS. GUARANTEE YOUR COMPANY WOULD FLOURISH UNTIL THEN COUNT ME OUT !!!!!!

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