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Craigslist CEO – Jim Buckmaster (Age – 60)

The American classified ad business Craigslist has Jim Buckmaster at the helm as CEO since 2000. The company follows a public service approach. The long-standing Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster did many things before getting into the top management role. He was involved in the site’s homepage design, discussion forums, community moderation process, categories, and more. Interestingly, he was hired as a lead programmer but  founder Craig Newmark made him the CEO of the company down the road. Under his leadership, the company has become one of the top-performing classified advertising businesses globally by traffic and revenue. However, he doesn’t focus on maximizing revenue. Learn about Craigslist CEO email address, Jim Buckmaster net worth, and Craigslist net worth in this wiki.

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Craigslist Competitors

Some of the other companies in the same space include:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Nextdoor
  • OfferUp
  • Mercari

Jim Buckmaster Net Worth – Craigslist CEO Salary

As of 2023, Jim Buckmaster’s net worth can be estimated to be in the range of 35-45 million USD. He could be earning around 9-15 million USD as annual compensation. 

Craigslist CEO Email Address | Jim Buckmaster Contact

You can write to [email protected] to contact the company’s long-running boss. At the same time, you can take a peek into his LinkedIn profile at and Twitter handle @jimbuckmaster.

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Craigslist Net Worth – Is Craigslist Profitable?

As of 2023, Craigslist’s net worth can be between 2-9 billion USD. Yes, Craigslist is profitable.

Career & Education – Company, University, & College

Before craigslist, Jim worked for Quantum and the now defunct company Creditland. He also developed a database-rich web interface for ICPSR to help researchers gain access to social sciences’ data archives. He has done his graduation from Virginia Tech in biochemistry and went to the University of Michigan’s medical school to study classics. 

Jim Buckmaster – Age, Wife, Family, and more

Jim Buckmaster, age 60, has featured in many stories in leading dailies like Financial Times, Guardian, SF Chronicle, New York Times, Telegraph, and more. He has also appeared on television. In Silicon Valley, he likes Tesla Motors for its electric vehicles. One of the items he purchased from Craigslist was a BlackBerry 7280. He was reportedly dating Susan MacTavish Best, the owner of a small PR firm. Their relationship lasted for five years and after that, they parted ways and remained friends. As a hobby, Jim with his friends and Huey (an ostrich) would spend one week on Mendocino County’s Emandal farm without cell phones. 

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About Craigslist 

The American classified ad business Craigslist features many prominent categories like housing, jobs, services, resumes, discussion forums, etc. The service was launched by Craig Newmark in 1995. The business has evolved from being a simple email newsletter notifying friends about San Francisco Bay Area’s local events. In 1996, it took the shape of the website and added several classified categories. The site has secured a consistent position in the US’s top 15 or 20 websites.

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