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USAA CEO – Wayne Peacock (Age – 64)

After Stuart Parker’s retirement, Wayne Peacock assumed the role of CEO at USAA in 2020. He is also a board of director. USAA CEO Wayne is from a non-military background. He has spent more than 30 years here, working from different leadership positions. He looked after Property and Casualty Insurance Group of the company as President. His journey with USAA started in 1988 with its real estate investment division. He is proud of the 100 year old legacy of the company and focused on continuing the trend of serving military families better in its latest century. USAA (headquarters – San Antonio, Texas) is a Fortune 500 insurance and financial services company that caters to military personnel and their families. Explore this wiki to get information on USAA CEO email, Wayne Peacock net worth, USAA net worth. 

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USAA CEO Wayne Peacock

USAA Competitors

USAA, which is the property and casualty insurance group of companies, competes with:

  1. GEICO
  2. Progressive
  3. Farmers Insurance

Wayne Peacock Net Worth – USAA CEO Salary 

As of 2022, Wayne Peacock’s net worth could be estimated to be around 30-35 million USD. In 2020, USAA CEO received 1.9 million USD as total compensation.

USAA Net Worth – Is USAA Profitable? 

As of 2022, the net worth of USSA is estimated to range between 250-350 billion USD. Yes, USAA is profitable.

USAA CEO Email | Wayne Peacock Conta

You can try email id [email protected] to contact the company’s CEO. His LinkedIn profile can be viewed at

Career & Education – Company, University, & College                                  

USAA CEO Wayne was President of Property & Casualty Insurance Group before getting promoted in 2020. During his three decades with the auto and homeowners insurance carrier, he played critical senior roles supervising IT, strategy, security, marketing & communications, corporate real estate, contact centers and other teams. He entered the company in 1988 to serve its real estate investment arm.

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Wayne Peacock went to Harvard, Stanford, and Duke universities for executive education programs. He also attended Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Tulane University.

Wayne Peacock Wiki – Age, Wife, Family, & More

Wayne (Age – 64) and his wife Ginny have four kids, named Wes, Nick, Erin, and Elyse. Erin and Elyse are twins. USAA CEO Wayne enjoys reading, running, and sailing. He stands for excellence, integrity, and employee friendly approach. He believes that leaders should take charge for change and be an inspiration for others even during challenging times. As a leader himself, he looks at challenges as opportunities to grow skills. According to him, one should be a team player and achieve competence, respect, trust, and reliability. It is crucial to have problem solving skills, analytical thinking, etc.  

Wayne Peacock wakes up at 5 o’clock. Before beginning his work, he reflects on and prepares for the events of the day. In the 100 years of the company’s history, he is the first CEO who doesn’t come from any military background. At USAA, he worked under five chief executives and handled 10 different roles in nearly 32 years of his career.

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USAA Customer Care Number | Help & Support

You can tweet your concerns, queries, or feedback to company’s official Twitter handle @USAA_help for customer service help any time of the day.

12 comments on USAA CEO – Wayne Peacock (Age – 64)

  1. USAA used to be the place for military members to get good, reliable insurance. As soon as it went from being an organization that was there FOR the military member and went for a non-military – money is all – civilian CEO it has declined severely. I know many that are pulling up stakes and getting out from under them. Sad, the whole reason it was created was to take care of the military member, now the goal is to make as much money as it can – for the CEO. I will also be leaving the company as soon as I am able.

  2. 30 plus year member/customer – this company is no the same company it was even 10 yrs ago. Mr Peacock is a disaster. I am looking to move all my accounts away from USAA.

    1. Totally agree, and have been a member/customer for 51 years. USAA has gone down hill in a major way over the last decade or so. The CEO should be fired. He’s worth 30-35 million dollars, and look what he has let happen to the company under his watch. TERRIBLE. Will be looking elsewhere for other insurance.

  3. Have experienced very poor response for road side assistance, tow truck 2-3 hrs to respond in West Phoenix, farmed out service to lousy non certified mechanic-high schooler working for his father.

    Customer service line is slow and to complicated to function effectively

  4. Not a customer and after reading the replies i’m glad I reconsidered. I looked into USAA, but your no better than the rest. Not conservative, not christian, no part of your core values you hold in regard are what I’m looking for, as a 20 year veteran I’m disappointed to say the least, Progressive gets higher marks than the company which uses the military name to promote themselves is not whom i thought you were.

  5. Been with USAA for many years, I had 3 mortgage loans, car loan, insurances loan, lately I have applied to mortgage loans, refinance and personal loans and I been declined without a reason, my FICO is 7.15. Never delayed payments, wish they will tell me the reason why they are declining .

  6. USAA is not at all the same, it took a turn for the worst. Technical support couldn’t even explain their app. To call USAA, you will need a lot of time and transfer to one non-employee to other none employee. You don’t even have want I call consumer service any more. I transferring my accounts and have encourage my family and friends, too. My cost with no claims has tripled my homeowners policy to $7000 +. I’ll be the best sales against “Why not to buy USAA”.

  7. Hi I’m writing to find out why it taking so long to get my stolen truck out of police impound yard in aurora Colorado it was stolen Saturday from Thornton co and recovered by police Sunday night I went to see it yesterday I called for a tow truck and was only sent a locksmith who could not open or make keys for my truck called back for a tow and have waiting ever since. I can’t get a rental till Friday and I’m 200 miles from home in meeker co.

  8. Someone at USAA changed my credit card statement from home delivery to on-line without notifying me. As a result, I received a late charge which I refused to pay. Since USAA refused to rescind the late charge, I cancelled the credit card. I suspect I may not be the only affected by the home delivery option being changed WITHOUT notification and I hope someone looks into it.

  9. I wish to receive the full balance of my subscribers account in one payment. You should give all members their full balances now without penalty. After all it is our money you are using to make your exorbitant salary.

  10. Mr. Parker,Explain why the HOLD TIME to get help is 45 minutes to one hour & 15 minutes EVERY TIME, when you call usaa number 800-280-5836.

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