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Lowe’s CEO – Marvin Ellison (Age – 57)

After Robert Niblock’s retirement, effective July 2, 2018, Marvin R. Ellison was elected as the CEO and President of one of America’s home improvement retailers and a Fortune 500 company Lowe’s Companies, Inc. Lowe’s CEO Marvin Ellison is a seasoned industry leader, who is known for his operational skills and expertise. The African-American business executive has previously worked with companies like J.C. Penney, The Home Depot, & Target. In November 2019 Marvin mentioned that the company is focused on improving its online and e-commerce division of the business. For additional details such as the Lowe’s CEO email address, Marvin Ellison net worth, and Lowe’s net worth, keep reading this wiki.

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Marvin Ellison Lowe's CEO

Lowe’s Competitors

The home improvement retailer Lowe’s main competitors are:

  1. Home Depot
  2. Walmart
  3. Menards

Marvin Ellison Net Worth – Lowe’s CEO Salary

As of 2023, the net worth of Marvin Ellison was estimated to be upwards of 100 million USD. In 2021, Lowe’s CEO earned a total compensation of about 17.9 million USD. 

Lowe’s Net Worth – Is Lowe’s Profitable?

As of 2023, Lowe’s net worth ranges between 120-130 billion USD. Yes, the retail giant is profitable.

Lowe’s CEO Email Address Marvin Ellison Contact

Lowe’s CEO Marvin has a LinkedIn profile here His email address is [email protected].

Career & Education – Company, University, & College                                  

The CEO of Lowes, Marvin, is an industry veteran with 30 years of robust experience in leadership and operational roles. Before joining Lowe’s, he has served J. C. Penney Company, Inc. as CEO and Chairman since 2014. Under his watch, company witnessed improvement in production, operations, and balance sheet. He also worked at The Home Depot, Inc., one of the leading home improvement companies in America for 12 years. He reached the ranks of Executive VP of US Stores there.  Prior to coming to The Home Depot, he was at Target, where he worked for 15 years playing various operational roles, such as including Corporate Director – Asset Protection.

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He attended University of Memphis to obtain a degree in Marketing, Business Administration and Emory University for an MBA.

Lowe’s Customer Care Number | Help & Support

For customer service support from the publicly listed company Lowes, you can write a mail to [email protected]. You can also call their customer care team at 1-800-445-6937.

Marvin Ellison Wiki – Age, Wife, Family, & More

Lowe’s CEO Marvin, age 57, was born in Haywood County, Tennessee in 1966. He was raised in a small town of Brownsville, Memphis, Tennessee. Among 7 children, he is the middle child. Both his parents were working, but none did high school. His father used to sell insurance door to door. Ellison started working at an early age to pay his college tuition fees. From graveyard to convenience store to women’s department store, he did many jobs to support his education. Marvin is a musician. He and his wife Sharyn have two children, one son and one daughter.

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34 comments on Lowe’s CEO – Marvin Ellison (Age – 57)

  1. Lowe’s has become an irresponsible “don’t give a damn” company. No one answers their phones, calls to managers are never returned, and good luck trying to find help. I spent $8K last October on a Mohawk waterproof plank floor. Within the first month seams started bubbling..long story short, Mohawk says its my fault and Lowes stands by Mohawks decision. A number of “bubbles” have appeared since. I approached the Ass’t Managers directly and the apathy could be cut with a knife. They had the nerve to offer me a discount on a new floor. Never again will I purchase a floor that they are selling and therefore should stand behind,

  2. I want to know why Lowes is still selling Samsung appliances with all of the know defects in them? I have read and have had numerous problems with my french door refrigerator and gas stove. They had one for sale at a store near me stating that it was a $2099 unit and it was on sale for $1049, because the comporessor and main control was replaced. Than is one of the mqin complaints on this brand qlong with the ice maker freezing up and the cooling system on the back of fridge freezes causing it to leak under crisper drawers and freeze. Lost much food with the freezing. Customers need to be aware of these defects before they pay good money for something that is going to fail within a year.

  3. I’ll write a letter to Lowes’ CEO, to let him know that this business is totally a disaster, we haven’t get installed our dishwasher machine due to irresponsible workers, one excuse after another one, and nothing getting done. I have to sue Lowes for 1st new dishwasher machine got defected and leaking so much water. second replacement dishwasher has taking more than 4 months and finally arrived Saturday, 02/12/2022, and not installers are her yet! my husband calling every other day and takes so long to response the calls, and nothing getting done. so, what we need to do is Sueing Lowes for incompetent in this business!!

  4. Since Lowes is a friendly ,military store, and the CEO served in the Marine Corp! The men and women who served, served as did the CEO so the people have a FREEDOM of CHOICE. Lowes dictates and mandate employees wear a mask. Doesn’t sound like there is much freedom of choice. Simce most customers are not wearing the mask, When is Lowes going to stop madating/dictating the wearing of the mask?

  5. Don’t purchase an appliance that needs installation at Lowe’s. We purchased a dishwasher in August it is now mid September. The company who installs in our part of Florida Groom Installation doesn’t call in advance as we were told they would to set date for installation. We are now being told no installation until the end of September. Don’t call customer service they don’t help… nor their manager.. what a joke this whole process has been. I doubt we would recommend Lowe’s to anyone..

  6. I order the Synthetic grass on July 2nd 2021 and i was told that it will arrived on July 9th 2021. after that date changed 9 times and any time I called to speak to customer service they no idea what’s going on and yester day I spoke to manager ( matt ) this guy was so stupid and worst then customer service. rude not willing to give his last name. worst experience ever. now i can say home depot is million time bater then these jockers!!! i was told by the managers that some time it will take 10 years to get special order. i cant believe this answer. this need to be read by corporate office and should take action. its been one months and have no idea how long more they need to full fill my order.

  7. I see that the labor shortage has struck Lowes. Mr. Ellison, you certainly have my deepest sympathy. I applaud the corporate stance of supporting BLM, it has been a long time coming for our nation. I had excellent service from Sarah Miller at my local Lowes on 518 in Pearland, Texas. The people who came to “install” my new washing machine did not do it properly, and no water would flow into the washer. They also forgot to leave me the owner’s manual – I suppose the manuals were discarded with the boxes. The young men who delivered the machine were polite but just didn’t know how to do the work. Sarah consulted her manager, who said he could send them back, but they still wouldn’t know how to remedy the problem. Fortunately, I have a good plumber, who is coming to do the job day after tomorrow. Perhaps you could suggest to customers that Lowes can supply delivery, but that the installation will have to be contracted for separately – you could still charge a delivery fee, and letting the customer know up front that they are on their own for installation could resolve a lot of bad feelings. If you can’t get knowledgeable help, you can’t. But kudos to Sarah for her excellent customer service.

  8. Why all the comments. Have anyone every been called back by upper Management? Lowe’s really do not value their customers. No us, No them. I have purchased 4 appliances from Lowe’s -never again. The warranty companies are making a fortune off of Lowe’s but the CEO is to busy to check the figures. I have had 5 service calls to fix my washer machine and it still do not work. Now I have a new repair dated February 26, 2021.

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