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CVS CEO – Karen Lynch (Age – 59)

Karen S. Lynch replaced Larry Merlo in 2021 to lead CVS Health Corporation as the chief executive officer and president. The American healthcare company’s headquarters is in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, US. CVS CEO Karen is an American businesswoman with decades of experience in the healthcare industry. She maneuvered the Aetna-CVS integration and handled covid-induced business crises successfully. She is the first female chief executive in the company’s 67 years of history. Before getting promoted to the top leadership position in this Fortune 500 company, Karen Lynch had already held several executive roles in her previous companies, such as Cigna and Magellan Health Services. Scroll right through this wiki page to get details such as CVS CEO email, Karen Lynch net worth, and CVS CEO salary.

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CVS Health CEO Karen Lynch

CVS Competitors

The Fortune 500 retail pharmacy and healthcare firm CVS Health faces competition from:

  1. Walgreens Boots Alliance
  2. Cigna Corp
  3. UnitedHealth Group

Karen Lynch Net Worth – CVS CEO Salary

As of 2022, Karen Lynch’s net worth is estimated to be around 60-75 million USD. CVS CEO Karen Lynch’s total compensation is estimated to be around 20 million USD for 2021.

CVS Pharmacy Net Worth – Is CVS Profitable?

As of 2022, the company’s market value ranges between 120 to 130 billion USD. CVS Health Corporation was estimated to have a net worth of about 71.18 billion USD in 2017. Yes, CVS Pharmacy is profitable.

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CVS CEO Email Address | Karen Lynch Contact

Her LinkedIn profile is available at You can check her twitter handle @KarenSLynch. CVS CEO Karen’s email address is [email protected].

Career & Education – Company, University, & College                                  

Before assuming the highest rank at CVS, she was the company’s Executive Vice President (EVP) and President of Aetna. She retained her position at Aetna after playing an instrumental role in its acquisition by CVS Health in 2018. She transitioned to Aetna in 2012 from Magellan. She joined the reputable health insurance company as EVP and head of Specialty Products before rising to the position of president two years later. Prior to Aetna, she worked at Magellan Health Services as President for nearly three years from 2009 to 2012. From 2005 to 2009, she was at Cigna where she led CIGNA Group Insurance and CIGNA Dental. Karen Lynch’s first job was at Ernst & Young where she worked as a certified public accountant. 

Karen went to Ware Junior Senior High School to complete her graduation. After high school, she took an admission in Carroll School of Management for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification. She also did MBA from Boston University after working in the insurance field for nearly 10 years to gain more exposure to business aspects.

CVS Health Customer Care Number | Help & Support

For feedback or queries, you can reach out company’s customer service team through their Contact Us page.

Karen Lynch Wiki – Age, Family, Husband & More

Karen (age 59) was born in Ware, Massachusetts in 1963. She and her three siblings were raised by her aunt Millie who took care of them after Karen’s father deserted the family. She was only 12 when her aunt (a widow and a single mother) took their responsibility. Her mother Irene died by suicide in 1975. Although she was not the eldest of the siblings, Karen lived in western Massachusetts to be a caregiver for her aunt after her mother’s death. She took a transfer from Ernst & Young’s Boston office when aunt Millie was diagnosed with breast and lung cancer to be around her.

Karen’s husband is Kevin Lynch, who runs Quell Foundation to help people with mental health disorders. 

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6 comments on CVS CEO – Karen Lynch (Age – 59)

  1. 25 dollars rewards and 50 dollars rewards 2020 and 2021 no coupons no help pharmacy manager and store manager please forward

  2. Hello Mr. Merlo,

    Who is the best contact in your organization to address concerns that I have in the Atlanta metro area, specifically the CVS Store Seven Hills in Dallas, Georgia…to address a negative culture in your pharmacy department with the guest experience and the inability to fill orders correctly and have a amicable discussion with your pharmacist and staff. This store services two large subdivisions so from a profitability stand point I hope the people that support this store are heard…and I understand my feedback is one of many…but collectively the feedback is very poor that I’ve read online in regards to this store. I would urge your Regional Manager read the comments. There is a lack of leadership that needs to be addressed…the first thought for anyone spending their money should not be prior to visiting what will the experience be like today or should I go to Walgreens one mile away. I look forward to speaking with you or a representative with CVS. Thanks for reading.

  3. Hi Larry I am writing with a story about an employee of CVS Who happens to be my wife. she was a manager at Arbor Drugs when CVS bought them some 25 years ago. she has been loyal hard working, award winning performer all these years. reaching retirement age her plan was two more years. Hey maybe a thank you for your service a cake or a party with the staff. Then along comes a new district manager, change in the plan. you will take a transfer from the store you had built all those years to a lower volume store 6 miles away. She says your health is the reason you need a slower store. not knowing a lower volume means fewer man hours means more labored hours for the manager. So I ask you is this how you want to retire? I here you want to take care of your workers on the front line. Please look into this.
    My wife is Susan McDade. Her store was in Plymouth Michigan. Thank You.

  4. I went to my local Deerfield bch d
    store for some coffee..i found a pound on sale for 5.99. and Larry the sales girl rang it at 12.99

    I told her hang on I will take a pic of it and show you so you don’t have to do it.. Out of nowhere
    the store manager flew around the corner and said what the problem I started to say the price
    was wrong and Francis the manager threw me out of the store and stated it was his store and he did not like me….Larry Larry…I am going to sue your company for discrimination..against a disabled person….how dare you treat me like this…

  5. Here is a copy of a complaint I have sent to the CEO. Question to you….how would you feel if you received bad service, not only bad service, days I mean days to fill a RX. And the excuse I have received more than once is ‘the system does not know we are busy?” And why is that, why have an online convenience when the location cannot handle it. Where is the customer service…. The response from YOUR Pharmacist stated to me “ I am not going to fill your prescription, I will transfer it another location” because I question the fact that I am a customer and it should have been filled yesterday at the time specified online. In addition the Pharmacist refused to give me her name. I have reported this issue to corporate customer service.

    From: [email protected]
    Sent: Wednesday, January 1, 2020 12:06 PM
    To: ‘[email protected]
    Subject: RE: Complaint Store #5436

    I am forced to use CVS pharmacy as part of my spouse retirement program, otherwise I would have my RX’s filled elsewhere.

    Since his retirement I have had to jump through hoops for the simplest thing. Like not being reimbursed 200.00 on rx charges only because I was awaiting the CVS card for coverage. Guess what I had it filled at Walgreens and was told by your customer service that if it had been any other pharmacy I would have been reimbursed. This was wrong for your company to deny reimbursement.
    The store below I have had nothing but issues in getting refills. My Physician told me to change pharmacies that this one is awful, when he sends RX’s in, it takes 3 to 4 days to fill. Online states in progress and never filled. I call the store and cannot speak to the pharmacy. I go to the store and told hey you still got to wait, and they are busy. WELL having RX’s held for 3 to 4 days is not enough time to fill. This is an on going problem and wish to GOD I do not have deal with your crappy store and crappy service.
    Store Information
    2100 East Dublin-granville Road
    Columbus, OH 43229
    Store #5436

    Today, a repeat of the same thing. My Dr. sent the RX in 12/30, online status states it will be ready after 2:30 pm or so on 12/30. I go pick it up today 12/31, waited in line for over a half hour, when I finally get to the register told again, you will have to wait, we are busy. What am I chopped liver!!!!! I am a paying customer as with the others that walk in and get less service if I had a paper rx and wait. So what is the benefit of having my Dr. send it in and IT NEVER GETS FILLED UNTIL I MAKE IT AN ISSUE. No consideration at all, I was just another Person of Color that does not have to be respected by the Pharmacy associates at this location. The lady in the pharmacy put a Hold on my RX and she refused to fill it. Is that legal? Hold an RX that is already an issue, threatened to call the cops on me?!?!?!? Now that is service right? WRONG. CVS has the worst customer service. I had to call corporate customer service to have the rx transferred and I will never ever go to that location again. And as stated if it were not for the insurance I would not be a CVS customer at all.

    I am sure I am not the only one experiencing these issues at this location and I would like for you to look into the issue. There is something seriously wrong when there is ALWAYS a line a the pharmacy inside and out and it appears to me servicing the customer timely is not something you insist your employees do. Screw over them yes, not fill the RX in a reasonable amount of time…yes.

    Good company NO. And I will never refer someone to a CVS store, I don’t want use your store with no service why would I refer someone. So as far as surveys go, please do not send me one.

  6. I went to your store here in San Antonio. CVS Pharmacy Alamo Ranch at 5301 Alamo Ranch Parkway San Antonio, TX 78253. I wanted to get some Halloween chocolates since it would be 50% off sale, so I can bring it with me to give away when I go home to the poor kids in the Philippines. All the Halloween items including chocolates were all infront of the store on sale. So I grabbed some bags and on check out the cashier goes this are not on sale! I told her but it is marked look, 50% off. She rudely replied back, cant you see Select items only, do you know what the word select means? Wow you are so rude. Can I ask for the manager? She replied back I am one of the managers and no I will not sell this to you half the price! You don’t know the word select!!. My daughter told me mom its not worth it lets go. So I asked for her name. She wrote it down Samantha and she added I am the only Samantha here! I told myself I will just go Walmart. I never had any incident like this at WalMart, in fact, they love it when I grab all their sale stuff after Halloween be it candies or not. I will also not go back her anymore to refill my prescription. I will go HEB Pharmacy across the street. I will never ever come back to this CVS store gain. Ever.

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