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Walgreens CEO – Rosalind Brewer (Age – 61)

Rosalind G. Brewer (Roz) took over as the CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance in March 2021 after Stefano Pessina moved to the role of the Executive Chairman. Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) is a pharmacy store chain headquartered in the Chicago suburb, Deerfield, Illinois. Walgreens CEO Rosalind is the first Black woman to lead this Fortune 500 company. Prior to this, she headed Starbucks, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Kimberly-Clark from different higher positions. The reputed American Daily USA Today recognized her as one of the prominent female executives in the corporate world of the country. Brewer’s leadership history and operational acumen at MNCs is an asset for Walgreens. From strategizing to marketing to innovation & technology to supply chain and more, she looks into every critical area. Read on to get specific information such as Walgreens net worth, Rosalind Brewer net worth, and Walgreens CEO email address.

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Walgreens CEO Rosalind Brewer

Walgreens Competitors

Walgreens Boots Alliance faces tough competition from the likes of:

  1. CVS Health
  2. Rite Aid

Rosalind Brewer Net Worth – Walgreens CEO Salary

As of 2023, Walgreens CEO Rosalind Brewer’s net worth was estimated to range between 60-75 million USD. In 2021, Roz Brewer’s total compensation amounted to around 28.3 million USD.

Walgreens Net Worth – Is Walgreens Profitable?

As of 2023, Walgreen’s market net worth ranges between 30-35 billion USD. Yes, Walgreens is profitable.

Walgreens CEO Email Address | Rosalind Brewer Contact

To contact the Walgreens CEO over email try [email protected]. On LinkedIn you can connect with her at

Career & Education – Company, University, & College                                  

Before coming to Walgreens Boots Alliance, Rosalind Brewer worked as the COO and group president of Starbucks. She joined this company in 2017. Prior to this, she was at Walmart and Sam’s Club for nearly 11 years from 2006-2017. She entered the company on the post of Vice President and rose to the level of CEO of Sam’s Club before retiring from her role in 2017. She got her first job at the reputed paper-based firm Kimberly-Clark in 1984, where she started as a research technician. She left the company in 2006 after almost 22 years. At the time, she was serving as the global president.

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An African American business executive, Roz attended Stanford Law School and The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. She completed her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia. Before this, she studied at Cass Technical High School in Detroit, Michigan.

Walgreens Customer Care Number | Help & Support

For general queries, the US locals can reach out to the customer support team of the company at +1 (847) 315-3700 and others can dial +44 (0) 1932 870 550 for assistance.

Rosalind Brewer Wiki – Age, Husband, Family, & More

Walgreens CEO Roz (age 61) hails from Detroit, Michigan, where she was born in 1962. Her parents George Gates and Sally Gates worked at General Motors’s assembly line. Her father died of colon cancer. She has four siblings, including one brother and three sisters, and is the youngest of them. They were the first ones in the family to receive college education. Since she enjoyed studying maths and science, Rosalind aspired to become a physician. After completing her college degree, she dropped the idea of specializing in medicine and went with the job opportunity of research technician at Kimberly-Clark.

Rosalind is married to John Brewer. They met each other when he was studying at Morehouse and she was in the neighboring college Spelman. John is a stay-at-home dad. The couple has two children. One of them is named Camryn. The family of foursome likes to hang out together whenever they get time. They enjoy cooking, music, and laughing.

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28 comments on Walgreens CEO – Rosalind Brewer (Age – 61)

  1. I do not live in the US but when I am there I use a local Walgreens and I am a proud voter in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I will not step inside another Walgreens until the morning-after pill ban is reversed. I am dismayed that a company, one of the few to be run by a woman in the US, has participated so shamelessly in the fraud being perpetrated on American women and girls. This is bad policy – socially and economically – American women are consumers and will make decisions based on their pocketbooks. If that is what it takes, that is what it takes.

    I will encourage anyone i know to join me in boycotting Walgreens until things change

  2. Thank you for taking away my rights to control my body. You actually think that a company run by a women can do this without backlash. You deserve to go bankruptcy. Where is your solidarity with women’s rights to health care and body autonomy. SHAME ON YOU

  3. I will not set foot in a Walgreens until this extremist decision is reversed, and will make sure it is not among our investments. It is anti-woman, anti-family, and anti-child and penalizes poor mothers, who are disproportionately women of color, most. It is also a bad business decision, as your stock value is showing.

  4. I have shopped at the Walgreens in my neighborhood for all my pharmaceutical needs for as long as I can remember. It is convenient and the prices are fair. However, because of Walgreen’s decision not to support women who find themselves with an unplanned (and in some cases, medically dangerous) pregnancy, I shall look for another pharmacy in my town for my future needs. Even if prices are higher and even if I have to drive further, it is worth it to me to support my two granddaughters and others who, like her, are of reproductive age.

  5. Thank you so much for refusing to cave to a culture of death. Thank you for protecting women and children. Your courage will be rewarded by God, you can be assured of that.
    I will be a loyal patron of Walgreens forever.

  6. Thank you for your decision not to dispense the abortion pill. I’m sure you have gotten many reactions to this but I applaud your decision. I hope you stay the course.

  7. I have been a customer of a Walgreens for most of my adult life. I will no longer step inside another Walgreens. I will encourage anyone i know to join me in this endeavor.

  8. Abortion has nothing to do with health of women or their rights. When an egg and sperm join, God gives it a soul immediately and that child is His. I don’t care if the FDA approves abortion or abortion pills, abortion is murder. I commend Walgreen for taking a bold move to eliminate making it easy to end a life. I will promote to all I know to shop at your stores. If people want to educate themselves on why abortion is wrong, watch the movie 180 by Living Waters Ministry. Better yet, read the Bible!

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