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American Airlines CEO – Robert Isom (Age – 60)

In 2022, Robert Isom assumed the position of outgoing chief executive Doug Parker to run a leading US-based airline American Airlines. He is also chief recruitment officer. American Airlines CEO Robert Isom admires Doug for his persistence and zealous leadership that helped align two big teams during the merger between US Airways and American Airlines in 2013. Isom was COO at US Airways at that time. Robert Isom is himself an exceptional leader. He stands for his humility and practical approach. He doesn’t indulge in personal brand building. As the company’s top executive, he invests his time and energy in making the airline business reliable and efficient with exceptional operational performance. His ambition is to make American the number one airline company in the industry. For more details including American Airlines CEO email address, Robert Isom net worth, and American Airlines net worth, go through this wiki.

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American Airlines Competitors

The Fortune 500 listed airline holding company, AAL competes with:

  • Delta Air Lines, Inc.
  • JetBlue Airways
  • United Airlines
  • Allegiant Air

Robert Isom Net Worth – American Airlines CEO Salary

As of 2023, Robert Isom’s net worth can range from 30-40 million USD. He reportedly gets 7-12 million USD in annual compensation package.

American Airlines CEO Email Address | Robert Isom Contact

To contact the CEO over email try [email protected]. His LinkedIn profile is accessible at and Instagram page at robert_isom.

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American Airlines Net Worth | Is American Airlines Profitable

As of 2023, American Airlines’ net worth lies around 9-15 billion USD. Yes, American Airlines is profitable.

Career & Education – Company, University, & College                                  

Prior to becoming American Airlines’ Group CEO, he played the role of President from 2016-2022 and COO and EVP from 2013 to 2016. Before this, he was at US Airways as COO and EVP from 2007 to 2013. He also worked with companies like GMAC, LLC, America West Airlines, and Northwest Airlines in different positions. However, his first job was at The Procter & Gamble Company. Robert did bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and English from the University of Notre Dame. He also holds an MBA degree from the University of Michigan.

Robert Isom Wiki – Age, Wife, Family, & More

Robert Isom, age 60, is married to Amy Isom. The couple has three children (two sons and a daughter). He is known for his calm composure.

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About American Airlines

The company headquarters is in Fort Worth, Texas. It is one of the world’s largest airlines by number of passengers it transports, revenue passenger mile (RPM), and fleet size. The airline business was founded in 1926.

American Airlines Group Customer Care Number | Help & Support

Visit Customer Relations page of the airline company for customer service around any query or concern that you may have.




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  1. I would like to know why the airline industry is “begging” for a $50 BILLION taxpayer CORPORATE WELFARE bailout due to the Coronavirus Pandemic? I fully understand that the Coronavirus Pandemic has negatively effected the airline industry but I still do not know why your company was unable to save enough money during the past profitable decade to sustain your company for 1-2 years in case of an emergency like this. Greedy millionaires like you squander hundreds of millions of dollars during economic good times and then have the audacity to ask the federal government for BILLIONS of dollars in CORPORATE WELFARE in troubled financial times and that makes NO sense. I have asked Congress NOT to give your industry one dime of my taxpayer money in the form of CORPORATE WELFARE because of what appears to be gross mismanagement of your profits during the past decade and because your industry used taxpayer money to rebuy your own stock the last time Congress gave you a bailout after 9-11. All of you executives are nothing but a bunch of begging CROOKS!!!

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