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Ford CEO – Jim Farley (Age – 61)

After former Ford CEO Jim Hackett quit, James D. Farley Jr. took over the reins of automobile giant. The multinational company Ford has its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, United States. His election to the highest leadership rank coincided with the automaker’s 11 billion USD restructuring plan and new product launches. Ford CEO Jim focuses on operations and growth of the commercial, autonomous, and electric vehicles to regain Wall Street’s confidence, which his predecessors couldn’t achieve except for Alan Mulally. His priorities are obtaining 10% profit margins through North American operations and taking the connectivity and electric vehicles game up to give a tough fight to Elon Musk’s Tesla. (Browse through this page to find out details such as Ford CEO email address, Ford CEO salary, and Jim Farley net worth)

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Jim Farley is also a board member of the company. Before his promotion, he looked after Ford’s automotive operations as Chief Operating Officer. The auto industry veteran has held several positions at Ford between 2007 and 2020.

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Ford CEO Jim Farley

Ford Competitors

Some of the top contenders of Ford Motor in the automobile sector include:

  1. General Motors
  2. Toyota Motors
  3. Fiat Chrysler 
  4. Volkswagen 
  5. Tesla

Jim Farley Net Worth – Ford CEO Salary

As of 2023, Jim Farley’s net worth is estimated to be anywhere between 75-100 million USD. In 2021, Farley’s total compensation amounted to around 22.81 million USD. 

Ford Net Worth – Is Ford Profitable?

As of 2023, Ford’s current valuation ranges between 45-55 billion USD. In 2022, the automotive giant booked a loss of around 2 billion USD. 

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Ford CEO Email Address – Jim Farley Contact

You can find Ford CEO on Twitter @jimfarley98. His LinkedIn profile is accessible at For email communication, you can try [email protected]

Career & Education – Company, University, & College                                  

Before succeeding as CEO, Jim Farley worked as Ford’s COO handling the automaker’s global markets and automotive operations. He is the face of Ford for the U.S. China Business Council Board of Directors. Earlier, as president, he was in charge of Global Data Insight and Analytics, Corporate Strategy, Global Partnerships, Research & Advanced Engineering, etc. He oversaw Smart Mobility and Autonomous divisions. Other than this, he has been company’s executive VP and president of Global Markets. He was executive vice president and president of Ford Europe, Middle East and Africa between 2015 and 2017. 

Before he joined Ford in 2007, Farley was at Toyota taking care of its luxury brand Lexus as group vice president and general manager. His career with Toyota began in 1990, where again he held different product and marketing positions in the US and Europe. He was best recognized at Toyota for the successful launch of Scion brand.

Jim Farley is a Georgetown University graduate in economics. He did his management course from The UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Jim Farley Wiki – Age, Wife, Family, & More

James Farley (age 61) was born in Argentina on June 10, 1962. His father was a banker. Celebrated American actors John Farley, Chris Farley, and Kevin Farley are his cousins. Jim and his wife Lia have three kids. His interest in automobile industry comes from his grandfather who joined Ford’s River Rouge Plant in 1914 and was one of the early employees of the company. People call him car guy for his love for classic cars and racing. He is known for his intense and passionate personality traits.

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  1. Good morning Jim

    My truck has been down sense December and the dealership is telling my May if I’m lucky. I will be with out my truck for 6 months (and still have to make my payments) ask about loaner car and they tell me that there are none available? I bought the premium warranty and when I talk to fort they say there is nothing they can do, and will call me in two business days and hear nothing. Can you help get me a chip or loaner car.?

    Thanks for any/all help

    Henry Eadie

  2. Sir I have problem with my 2022maverick (I do enjoy the vehicle) the smell it’s close to a manure still. I’ve had it to the service deptx2or3 times they changed the cab filter and ionized it. Gosh it’s back. If I take it on long travel from my home to my daughters in Alabama (Fl my home). I receive a headache. I’ve read other cord trucks have same problem. Is there anything at this time to solve this problem? I believe when I brought this truck the dealship knew it-it was traded in with 5000 miles. And all prettied up to sell. Thankyou

  3. My husband ordered a Maverick over a year ago. Said never got it in. Finally traded his 2021 Toyota
    Excellent condition for Ford Ranger.. Same year more miles. I’m 80 and can’t even get in it. I feel he was taken..86 years old. Finally found maverick..wants 4000 dollars more. Disgusting

  4. I have been over a year trying to get a 2020 Ford Explorer repaired where it is not a death trap. We have a issue with the transmission going into gear when setting in park it will go to drive or reverse. Back out of a parking spot and it will go into gear you may be in reverse and it will take off in drive or go to natural. It will be in park and roll out of the parking spot. It gets a carbon monoxide oder in the car when driving and have to shut off the heater or ac roll down windows. When you fill with gas it will spew out of the tank after it clicks off the pump. This is all dangoures and know one seems to really care and I guess that it is no big problem till someone gets killed. I just hope it is not anyone in my family as I have been over a year trying to get this repaired broke down on the road and call a dealer and be told to call back on Monday and being a 1000 miles from home. Much more to tell please someone with some kind of authority call me so this can be fixed before it turns into a murder as I see it if anyone is killed by this car it will be murder as we have had it in for repairs and given back and say nothing is wrong and we can not get home and we are broke down or having problems highway speed it will go into 4×4 and I have pictures of it telling us to take it to the dealer and they say nothing wrong. It is in for repairs again and they say they can not find a problem this is the 7th visit and the selling dealer Smith Ford in Lordsburg New Mexico had it 6 time and has refuse to give us repair orders of it being there. I want this fixed or our money back we ask for a buy back and was refused the next step if it is not fixed and safe will be the lemon law. WE HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO GO ON A TRIP THAT IT HAS NOT SPEWED OUT GAS OR WENT INTO 4X4 AT HIGHWAY SPEED OR GOING INT O THE WRONG GEAR WHEN DRIVING.

  5. Hi Jim, its Steve Hall, the person who recommended the chrome and blue oval Ford image as a logo!
    i have two new ideas for you! i can explain to you over the phone! call me whenever you can

    1. Hi Steve Hall

      Tengo un proyecto muy importante para Ford, lo convertirá en el líder mundial en ventas. Además tiene el potencial de generar miles de millones adicionales a las ventas. Ayudarme a hacerlo llegar a James.
      Ing. Hugo Cano
      [email protected]

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