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Chrysler CEO – Christine Feuell (Age – 59)

Christine Feuell joined Chrysler as CEO in 2021. It is Stellantis’s one of 14 automobile brands. She has replaced the interim CEO Tim Kuniskis. Chrysler CEO Christine Feuell is an integral part of the company and is deeply involved in the strategic decision-making. She comes from a marketing background with profound knowledge of smart technologies, automation systems for supply chain across different channels, automotive, and much more. Christine has taken care of different divisions in her leadership roles at previous stints, including profit and loss, sales, product management, etc. People recognize her for her ability to create and develop high-end strategies around product, business model, and marketing. She has ensured massive growth everywhere in her career through the combination of her expertise in software, services, and products. At Chrysler, Feuell will work toward its electric future. Skim through this wiki for more details like Chrysler CEO email, Christine Feuell net worth, and Chrysler net worth.

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Chrysler Competitors

Some of its competitors can be:

  • Hyundai Motor Group
  • Toyota Motor Group
  • Volkswagen Group

Christine Feuell Net Worth – Chrysler CEO Salary

As of 2022, Christine Feuell’s net worth can be between 5-15 million USD.

Chrysler Net Worth – Is Chrysler Profitable?

As of 2022, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ net worth can be estimated to be 25-35 billion USD. Yes, Chrysler is profitable.

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Chrysler CEO Email | Christine Feuell Contact

You can consider writing to [email protected] to connect with FCA US LLC or Chrysler’s CEO. Her LinkedIn profile is

Career & Education – Company, University, & College

Feuell has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and economics from Michigan State University. She went to Duke University for an international business and marketing executive leadership course. She has also been to the Wharton School. Christine Feuell worked at Ford Motor Company for a long time. She joined the managerial post for business strategy and communication in 1994 and from there, she rose to the ranks of director of marketing strategy at global level. She worked at Johnson Controls as executive director. She managed the company’s marketing and brands globally. In 2014, she became VP for strategic marketing. Later, she came to Adient as Global VP for the marketing department. Then, she was appointed chief commercial officer at Honeywell in 2019. She worked in the same position till she got an offer from Chrysler brand.

Christine Feuell Wiki – Age, Husband, Family, & More

Christine Feuell, age 59, has twin daughters. She inspires women and others to be curious and search for opportunities that allow them to test their boundaries. Arguably the first boss lady at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles after Laura Soave, who headed the North American segment for a brief time, Feuell is a mentor, a mom, and a leader in the business field. She enjoys tasty wine and food. She is fond of traveling the world. With her new role, she has taken the responsibility to revive Chrysler.

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