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Airtel CEO – Gopal Vittal (Age – 54)

Gopal Vittal replaced Sanjay Kapoor to be the next Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Airtel (also known as Bharti Airtel) in 2013. As Airtel CEO, Gopal Vittal has helped Airtel win several awards in the fields of Innovation, Sustainability, Corporate Governance, and more. Under his leadership, the telecommunications giant has also occupied the second position to be recognized as the most valued Indian brand. His peer group considers him to be an intelligent thinker and strategist. Keep reading this wiki to get more details on age, career, net worth, and email address.

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Gopal Vittal Airtel CEO

Airtel Competitors

The major competitors to Airtel are:

  1. Vodafone
  2. Jio

Salary & Net Worth – Investors, Funding, & Valuation

As of 2021, Airtel CEO’s net worth could be estimated to be around INR 75-100 crores. His salary reportedly is in the range of INR 8-10 crores.

Some of the leading investors in Bharti Airtel are Singtel and Three Pillars Pte Ltd. In early 2018, Airtel got a funding of around 539.4 million USD (Rs 2,649 crore) from Singtel. After latest investment, Singtel now holds about 39.51% stake in the company, as per reports.

In 2021, Airtel’s valuation stood at more than 40 billion USD.

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Career & Education – Company, University, & College                                  

The current MD and Chief Executive Officer of Airtel (India & South Asia), Vittal was serving Bharti Enterprises as the Group Director of Special Projects in 2012 and early 2013. During this tenure, he led the International strategy and expansion of Airtel. Before that, in 2006, he led the marketing division at Bharti Airtel as Director. As part of Marketing department, his responsibilities included revenue growth, brand building, and market leadership. Apart from Airtel, Gopal has also worked with Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) for nearly 20 years heading sales, marketing, and general management for national and international projects.

Gopal has done a degree course from Madras Christian College. From there, he went to IIM, Calcutta for MBA in 1990.

Contact Gopal Vittal – Email Address | Twitter | LinkedIn

To contact the CEO over email try writing to [email protected]

Airtel Customer Care Number | Help & Support

If you have any queries or complaints, you can write to Airtel’s customer service team at [email protected]

Wiki Trivia on Gopal Vittal – Age, Wife, Family, & More

Gopal (age 54) was born in 1967. His wife Ireena Vittal was once on the Axis Bank board.

Further, Vittal was appointed by the Bharti Enterprises’ Founder and Group CEO Sunil Mittal in 2006 to head the marketing division at Bharti Airtel. His stint ended in 2008. During his role as the Head of Marketing, Vittal redefined the marketing strategy of the company to make it more viable for the mass market. He launched different initiatives, such as targeted offers for different sections of customers, special offers from Airtel in partnership with some device manufacturers, etc.

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  1. True , one of the worst service provider and the best part is , u can not reach them . They allow u to complain to their liking only . They themselves say, that the problem will take 15 days to resolve but they keep on billing u fr the period , they do not provide u service . They will even keep on reminding u about ur dues but will not remember that complaint is pending and which is more than a month old . They get this guts to behave in this manner because no one complains to trai etc

  2. hi
    Mr Gopal
    airtel is my first connection when i start using cell phone but now i feel very sad about airtel services , Because maintenance staff or whole airtel group not sincere on complaints, nobady wants to give reply or solution and you loose your faithful customer.
    And back bone of our company is customer base so plz focus on complaint

  3. Dear Sir,

    This is to inform you that my airtel network is still same as earlier. I recently shifted to my home town due to personal issue and working from home now. The airtel network here is very bad and I been working from home is finding very difficult to work with airtel network. I have been told that Network team will visit but till now no response. If this is published to you please take some action.

  4. Hello Airtel Team,

    This has now become critical for us to get the issue resolved. its been 4 month long that we are struggling just to get the line transferred to new address less than a kilometre (One of the the request number is 129238456).

    The address has already been updated in your systems, we are receiving bills every month on new address. these are being paid by us regularly.

    Even after constantly following up for 4 months everyday. the line has not been transferred to the new address, on top of this, we are getting harassed by the different departments of Airtel like customer-care, collection, technical etc. they call us at odd hours and attempt to threaten us saying that we should withdraw this connection and apply for new one.

    Is there anyone in airtel or appellate/nodel who can resolve this issue or do we need to reach to legal level for such tiny issue.

    We never thought that Airtel will have such neglecting behaviour for its 12 plus long year existing consumer.

    Now its high time that we should approach consumer forum, as i believe “Govt. of India” has not given any license to Airtel to harass its end-user in such a way.

    Thanks & Regards,

  5. If you ever read this . I am senior citizen . and yesterday using my Debit Card , I recharged for Data 2Gb/day for 365 days Rs. 2498. I got msg. from my Bank payment went through .But Airtel sent me msg. , that I will get refund within 7 to days . So, I got passbook updated and the payment went through to BhartiAirtel for Rs.2498. So I went today to Gigaon ,Mumbai 400004 AirTel store, and 2 techs ( ignorant, incompetent & useless ) told me “your bank charged you , but did not send money to Airtel” . If money is not snet , I asked, then why Airtel wants to refund my money? And why my data balance show 00.00 Mb ? So I asked them to Take Rs.2498 Cash & I will go to Bank & fight with them . So, your store staff is drawing salary , but least helpful . WHY DO YOU ADVERTISE ON TV THERE WILL NOT BE ANY CUSTOMER COMPLAIN ? And there is no E-mail to send Customer compalain !!! No such email for ” Airtel Customer Care” . Such a big company and follong , cheating their CUSTOMERS. SHAME ON YOU AS CEO
    Mrs. Kiran P. Rasania

  6. Dear Sir,

    It is to inform you that my airtel network is still same as earlier. Their not no any improvement after several visit of Network team. My villages are also dissatisfied with the services provided by Airtel. So, I request you to improve my network experience as soon as possible. Else all of my neighbours and villagers will port out to Jio, as there is a new Jio tower’s construction has started in our village. Thanks.


    Iftar Hussain

    1. id your issue got resolved. I’m still facing the network. airtel should remove the advertisement which is shown in the TV. very bad network.

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