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Ratan Tata’s Wiki & Biography

Ratan Tata served Tata Sons as the CEO / Chairman from 1991 till he retired in 2012. Under his aegis, the Tata Group companies prospered, growing to become a 100 billion USD conglomerate. The companies that rose to new heights under his supervision included Tata Steel, Tata Global Beverages, Tata Motors, Tata Tea, Tata Teleservices, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Chemicals, Tata Power, and Indian Hotels. Currently he is in charge of Tata’s charitable trusts and also holds the honorary title of ‘Chairman Emeritus’. (Keep reading this wiki to get his age, email address, and net worth details.) 

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A firm believer in giving back to the society, Ratan Tata is said to contribute about 60 to 65 percent of the wealth earned from his group companies for the well-being of people.   The money is used for a variety of social work including medicine, education, and rural development. Ratan Tata’s love for animals, particularly dogs is well known.

Ratan Tata Chairman Emeritus Image

Salary & Net Worth – Investors, Funding, & Valuation

Ratan Tata’s personal net worth is estimated to be less than 1 billion USD. 

Career & Education – Company, University, & College

Ratan Naval Tata served as the Chairman and CEO of Tata Sons from 1991 till 2012 and again for an interim term between 2016 and 2017 before N Chandrasekaran took charge. Earlier in 1981, he served as the Chairman of Tata Industries, one of the holding companies of Tata Group. At Tata Industries, he was involved in group strategy and promotions of advanced technology-based ventures. Before his stint at Tata Industries, in 1971, he served as the Director of The National Radio & Electronics Company Limited (NELCO). His career with the Tata Group, however, started small. Ratan spent time at Tata Steel managing blast furnaces in 1962. Prior to that, Ratan worked for an architect firm Jones and Emmons in Los Angeles for a brief period before deciding to come back to India.

Ratan Tata did his schooling from the Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai and Bishop Cotton School, Shimla. In 1962, he completed a degree course in Architecture with Structural Engineering from Cornell University. In 1975, he attended Harvard Business School to study the Advanced Management Program.

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Contact Ratan Tata – Email Address | Twitter | LinkedIn

Ratan Tata’s Twitter handle is @RNTata2000. Here’s where you can reach him on LinkedIn- Ratan Tata’s email id is [email protected].

Wiki Trivia on Ratan Tata – Age, Wife, Family, & More

The former Chairman and CEO of Tata Sons, Ratan was born to Soonoo Commisariat and Naval Tata in December 1937. In 1948 when his parents parted their ways, Ratan Tata’s grandmother Navajbai Tata took care of him and his younger brother Jimmy Tata.  His father Naval Tata had one more son, Noel Tata, from his second marriage with Simone Dunoyer. Ratan has no wife – he never married.

Ratan declined a job offer from IBM and came back to India on the suggestion of his mentor and uncle Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy (JRD) Tata. Initially, Ratan Tata went to Jamshedpur’s mining valley town Noamundi, where he excavated limestone and managed blast furnaces.

Known for his philanthropic efforts, Ratan Tata (age 84) saw a family of 4 people (including a husband, wife, and two children) riding a scooter in rain in November 2003. This sight moved him and led him to come up with the idea of launching a people’s car, which four years down the line took shape in the form of ‘Nano’. It was touted to be the most cost-effective and safe family transport suitable for all types of weather.

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