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GitLab CEO – Sid Sijbrandij (Age – 42)

Sid Sijbrandij has been the co-founder and CEO of the collaboration website GitLab since 2012. GitLab’s headquarters is in San Francisco. The platform helps programmers access Git software tools for sharing and managing codes. The concept was developed by Ukrainian programmer Dmitriy Zaporozhets in 2011. Sid Sijbrandij joined him in 2012 and officially launched the company in 2014. The Dutch-born entrepreneur applied to the Y Combinator seed fund program and walked out with cash prize and nine team members upon graduating. Under his visionary leadership, GitLab grew to be a company of 1000+ employees. He pioneered the idea of remote working much before COVID. He also led the developer-tool business GitLab to IPO on Nasdaq in 2021.

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Contact GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij – Email | Twitter |LinkedIn

You can email the GitLab CEO at [email protected]. His twitter handle is @sytses and LinkedIn profile

Salary & Net Worth – Investors, Funding, & Valuation

As of 2021, GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij’s net worth could be estimated at around 3 billion USD. Coatue Management, Franklin Templeton, Altimeter Capital, and TCV are some of its major investors.

Career & Education – Company, University, & College

Before he launched GitLab, Sid  Sijbrandij co-founded Comcoaster. It was an app store for web applications and he handled the software development and business administration part of it from 2008 to 2012. From 2009 to 2012, he worked for Ministerie van Justitie en Veiligheid in the Netherlands on the Legis project related to lawmaking. He built recreational submarines for U-Boat Worx from 2003 – 2007 as Operational Director. His love for programming developed after he came across Ruby code in 2007 and that eventually led him to the GitLab and open source. He was an intern at IBM for five months and Procter & Gamble for 9 months. 

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GitLab CEO Sid or Sytse Sijbrandij joined startup incubator Y Combinator. He went to Netherlands’ University of Twente for a master’s degree in Management Science. He also holds an engineering degree in Physics/ Applied Physics from the same university.

Sid Sijbrandij Wiki – Age, Wife, Family, & More

Sid Sijbrandij (age 42) comes from the Netherlands. His parents live there and he is the eldest son among four siblings. He is married to Karen Sijbrandij, a Senior Software Engineer. Sid’s wife is an outdoor person. They live in their house in San Francisco, California. Sid did well academically. He recalls himself to be a loner in his young age and someone who struggled to make friends. He finds psychology interesting. His favorite Wikipedia page is based on common misperceptions. He enjoyed reading DuckDuckGo’s Gabriel Weinberg’s blog post.

Sytse or Sid prefers Slack and other communication channels over email. He is a man of few words or short sentences. He believes in celebrating and not bragging about success.

GitLab Competitors

GitLab witnesses competition from the following companies among developers’ community:

  • GitHub 
  • Atlassian
  • Google (Cloud Source Repositories)
  • Bitbucket

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