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GlobalFoundries CEO – Thomas Caulfield (Age – 62)

Dr. Thomas (Tom) Caulfield became the CEO and a board member of the American computer chip factory GlobalFoundries Inc. in 2018. He assumed the role after Sanjay Jha resigned from his post. GlobalFoundries CEO Thomas is a technology industry veteran with rich experience in leading engineering, management, and global operations. At GlobalFoundries, he is responsible for increasing semiconductor manufacturing production along with a focus on expansion and operations. Under him, the company went for an IPO on Nasdaq in 2021. Earlier Tom worked at IBM in East Fishkill for 17 years, performing various senior executive roles. GlobalFoundries’ headquarters is in Malta, New York.

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Thomas Caulfield – Net Worth & Salary

As of 2021, GlobalFoundries CEO Thomas’ net worth could be estimated to be around 500 million USD (assuming his stake in the company is 2%). Post IPO, the chipmaker GlobalFoundries’ market valuation could be around 25 billion USD.

Contact GlobalFoundries CEO Thomas Caulfield – Email | Twitter

You can try email ID [email protected].com to reach out to Dr. Caulfield at GlobalFoundries. You can view his LinkedIn profile at and Twitter account @thomcaul.

Career & Education – Company, University, & College

Before becoming the CEO, Tom Caulfield joined the company as senior vice president and site general manager in 2014. He moved to GF from LED lighting company Soraa, where he worked for two years from 2012 – 2014 as president and COO. Prior to this, he spent three months at Khosla Ventures. He worked at Novellus Systems as EVP Sales, Marketing and Customer Service from 2005 – 2009. Before this, he was at IBM for nearly 17 years and reached the role of VP 300mm Semiconductor Operations. 

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Dr. Caulfield has completed Doctorate in Materials Science and Engineering and Bachelor and Master’s in Materials Science and Engineering from The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science – Columbia University. He studies B.S. Physics from St. Lawrence University.

Thomas Caulfield Wiki – Age, Wife, Family, & More

Thomas Caulfield (age 62) has a deep connection with New York. His wife is Sandra and together they have one daughter (Alexandra) and one son (Matthew). The family lives in Saratoga Springs.

He spent his growing up years on Long Island, New York and studied at St. Lawrence located close to the Canadian border. He lived in East Fishkill, New York for almost 17 years while working for IBM. He was in California before coming back to New York to join the chipmaker.

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