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Netflix CEO – Reed Hastings

Reed Hastings (Wilmot Reed Hastings Jr.) and Marc Randolph are the founders of the leading media company Netflix. Reed serves the company as its Chief Executive and Chairman. As Netflix CEO, Reed disrupted the traditional entertainment space by providing on-demand video streaming services. Today, he is counted among the most powerful people and billionaires in the US. Get access to the CEO’s age, email address, net worth details by scrolling through the wiki page. 

Reed Hasting Netflix CEO

Netflix Competitors

Some of the main competitors of the entertainment company include:

  1. Amazon
  2. Hulu

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Salary & Net Worth – Investors, Funding, & Valuation

Reed’s net worth is estimated to be around 3.8 billion USD. In 2017, he earned 24.4 million USD that comprised of a base salary of 850,000 USD.

Netflix has reportedly reached a valuation of over 100 billion USD in early 2018.

Funding and investors related details will be shared shortly.

Career & Education – Company, University, & College                                  

The Founder of the American entertainment company Netflix, Reed has been through a long professional journey. Currently, he is serving as the Board Member of Facebook, KIPP Foundation, Pahara Institute, Dreambox, and Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley. Prior to that, he was also a member of the board at Microsoft and California Charter Schools Association. In 2000, he joined California State Board of Education as President. Before that, he was running his first company Pure Software (from 1991 to 1997), which was acquired by Rational Software.

Prior to that, he worked in many companies, such as Network Equipment Technologies (1990 to 1991) and Coherent Thought (1989 to 1990) as Software Engineer. In 1988, he was at Schlumberger Palo Alto Research as Member Technical Staff, and in 1986, he worked as Lisp Instructor Assistant at Symbolics. He also worked as a Math Teacher at Peace Corps in 1983.

Hastings went to Stanford University for a course in Computer Science in 1986-1988. He attended Bowdoin College in 1979 to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Math. He did his schooling from Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, Cambridge (Massachusetts).

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Contact Reed HastingsEmail Address | Twitter | LinkedIn

Reed, the owner of on-demand based streaming service Netflix, is available on his LinkedIn page: He also has a Twitter profile @reedhastings. Try writing to [email protected] to reach him on email.

Netflix Customer Care Number | Help & Support

You can reach out to the company’s customer service team through Netflix app downloaded on your Android or iOS device. To proceed, you would need to click on Menu icon in the app, and choose the option Help or Call Help Center. Else, you can also visit Netflix website for a live chat.

Wiki Trivia on Reed Hastings – Age, Wife, Family, & Other Details

Netflix CEO Reed (age 61) hails from Boston, Massachusetts. He was born on October 8, 1960.  His wife name is Patty Quillin. Together they have two children. Hastings and his family are based in Santa Cruz, California. All of them love animals. From chickens to dwarf goats to dogs, you can find a variety of animals in their house.

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