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PODS CEO – Kathy Marinello (Age – 66)

The Florida-based moving and storage firm Portable On Demand Storage (PODS) hired Kathryn V. Marinello as CEO and President in 2021. Kathryn (Kathy) is known for her performance. She is a seasoned CEO and finance expert with global exposure. Her deep rooted experience in technology, financial services, and consumer sectors makes her stand out from the rest of the leaders. Kathy’s long track record of success in managing complex businesses gives her an edge. She has served many Fortune 500 companies as a board director. PODS CEO Kathy Marinello has also been acknowledged as a powerful woman by Fortune Magazine. She is committed to unlock new levels of growth for the company while improving its profitability. Her innovative ideas and result-oriented approach are the real drivers. She is focused on enhancing customer experience through tailored services. Kathryn has replaced John B. Koch. Get information about PODS CEO email, Kathy Marinello net worth, and PODS net worth in this wiki.

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PODS Competitors

The moving container company has to keep an eye on other players like:

  • U-Pack
  • U-Box
  • SmartBox
  • 1-800-PACK-RAT

Kathy Marinello Net Worth – PODS CEO Salary

As of 2022, Kathy Marinello’s net worth can be estimated to be around 30-45 million USD. Her annual compensation can reportedly be in the range of 12-15 million USD.

PODS CEO Email | Kathy Marinello Contact

You can try writing to [email protected].com to connect with the moving and storage rental business’s top executive. Alternatively, you can check her LinkedIn page and Twitter profile @KathyMarinello.

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PODS Net Worth – Is PODS Profitable?

As of 2022, PODS’ net worth can be up to 3-5 billion USD. Yes, PODS Enterprises is profitable.

Career & Education – Company, University, & College

PODS’s Kathryn served First Data Corporation as President and CEO from 1995 – 1996. She spent slightly over nine years at GE Capital as CEO and President for different divisions at different times. These included Consumer Finance, Consumer Insurance, and Fleet Commercial Finance.  From 2006 to 2010, she was at Ceridian. Kathy joined Stream Global Services in 2010 as CEO and Chairman. After 4 years, she became senior advisor to Ares Management, L.P. In 2017, her journey started with Hertz as President, CEO, and a member of board. She served the company from 2017-2020 before joining PODS. Kathryn has done bachelors from the University of Albany, SUNY and an MBA from Hofstra University.

Kathy Marinello Wiki – Age, Husband, Family, & More

Kathy Marinello, age 66, and her late husband Paul Marinello were married for 42 years. She has three sons. She lives in Apple Valley, Minnesota. Her favorite movie is Ford vs. Ferrari. She enjoys reading and gardening. Her days typically start with coffee, devotion, work emails, spending time with pet dogs, going to the office, meetings, etc. She goes to bed by 10pm. Interestingly, she is the first woman to lead PODS from the top executive position.

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