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Doximity CEO – Jeff Tangney (Age – 49)

Jeff Tangney cofounded the health-tech company Doximity in 2010 and has been heading it as CEO ever since. He is also a board member. Doximity CEO Jeff Tangney focuses on the needs of the caregivers, helping them to connect with their colleagues and peers through its LinkedIn-like platform that is strictly for healthcare professionals from different disciplines. They can also provide telehealth and other services through the portal. His San Francisco-based company went for an IPO in 2021, making him a part of the billionaire club. Jeff doesn’t believe in fast-paced growth or branding. That’s one of the reasons not many people knew about its existence in Silicon Valley. However, he believes platform users, or, more precisely, doctors help build the company’s brand as they vouch for the product. Browse through this wiki for details such as Doximity CEO email, Jeff Tangney net worth, and Doximity net worth.

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Doximity Competitors

Some of the tech-based healthcare companies that can challenge the standing of Doximity in the industry include:

  • Sermo
  • Quantia, Inc.

Jeff Tangney Net Worth – Doximity CEO Salary

As of 2022, Jeff Tangney’s net worth is estimated to be between 2-4 billion USD. He reportedly earns less than one million USD in total compensation package.

Doximity Net Worth – Is Doximity Profitable?

As of 2022, Doximity’s net worth is in the range of 7-11 billion USD. Yes, Doximity is profitable.

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Doximity CEO Email | Jeff Tangney Contact

You can send an email to [email protected] to connect with the company’s CEO. You can also check his LinkedIn profile at and Twitter handle @JeffTangney.

Career & Education – Company, University, & College

Before founding Doximity, Jeff was running his entrepreneurial venture Epocrates. It was a medical reference app. He played several leadership roles at the company from EVP of sales and marketing to COO. Prior to this, he also worked at places like Goldman Sachs and ZS Associates. He attended University of Wisconsin-Madison for a degree in Economics and Math. He is an MBA from the Stanford University

Jeff Tangney Wiki – Age, Wife, Family, & More

Jeff Tangney, age 49, has two kids with wife Claudia. He is a two-time math champion from his high school. He sold his company Epocrates to Athenahealth for 293 million USD. However, his experience with the company gave him clarity about how he would want to run his new venture. The idea of starting something along the lines of Doximity started playing on his mind when he was in New York with Richard Fiedotin, a certified physician. The duo went to Stanford University where they came into touch with one more physician, Tom Lee. Their bonding resulted in the marriage of the concept of tech and healthcare and led to the emergence of Epocrates.

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