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Sallie Mae CEO – Jonathan Witter (Age – 53)

After Raymond Quinlan stepped down, Jonathan (Jon) W. Witter became CEO and a board member of the US-based consumer banking and student loan company Sallie Mae in 2020. Sallie Mae CEO Jonathan Witter is a seasoned industry player with deep knowledge of banking, operational management, customer experience, etc. He has a proven track record of improving business’s top line and bottom line. According to him, financial services can change the customer’s life for good. As the CEO of Sallie Mae, Jon Witter believes that the company is at an advantageous position to satisfy the demands of families and students. He ensures that families including new customers get the desired funds for the future through easy accessibility and well-planned outcomes. He also focuses on maintaining a strong bond with borrowers. The leadership team expects Jon to deliver excellent services ensuring smooth processing of loan applications and payments through digital mediums. For more information like Sallie Mae CEO email address, Jonathan Witter net worth, and Sallie Mae CEO salary, sift through this wiki.

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Sallie Mae Competitors

Some of the other education or student loan companies are:

  •  SoFi
  • LendKey
  • Citizens Bank
  • Ascent

Jonathan Witter Net Worth – Sallie Mae CEO

As of 2023, Jon Witter’s net worth can be around 25-35 million USD. He reportedly makes 7-15 million USD a year through annual compensation.

Sallie Mae CEO Email Address | Jonathan Witter

You can send an email to [email protected] to connect with the education loan provider’s CEO. Alternatively, you can explore his LinkedIn profile at

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Sallie Mae Net Worth – Is Sallie Mae Profitable?

As of 2023, the publicly listed company Sallie Mae’s net worth lies around 3-10 billion USD. Yes, Sallie Mae is profitable.

Career & Education – Company, University, & College

From 1997 – 2004, Jonathan W. Witter worked at McKinsey & Company as associate principal. In 2004, he joined a Wells Fargo Company called Wachovia to look after its GBG distribution as EVP. From there, Jon went to Morgan Stanley as Managing Director and spent two years there. Next, he moved to Capital One to head Retail and Direct Banking as President. Before coming to Sallie Mae, he was at Hilton Worldwide from 2017 to 2020. He was serving as Chief Customer Officer. Jon holds The Wharton School’s MBA degree in finance and entrepreneurial management, and Vanderbilt University’s economics degree.

Jonathan Witter Wiki – Age, Wife, Family, & More

Jonathan Witter, age 53, lives with his family including wife Maureen, three kids, and four dogs in Washington, D.C. His birthplace is London, but his upbringing and education took place  in the US.

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About Sallie Mae

Also known as SLM Corporation, Sallie Mae is headquartered in Newark, Delaware, U.S. The company provides education loans for undergraduate and graduate programs. Someone who chooses expensive careers like law and medicine can apply for private loans for studies. Parents can also apply for loans for their children after passing the eligibility requirements.

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