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American Express CEO – Steve Squeri (Age – 63)

Stephen J. Squeri (also called Steve) took charge of The American Express Company (Amex), an American financial services corporation, in February 2018, as CEO and Chairman. He replaced the 37-year old company veteran Kenneth I. Chenault. American Express CEO Steve Squeri has 33 years of experience working with the company. Prior to becoming the Chief Executive, he served Amex as Vice Chairman. His journey with the company started in 1985 as Manager. Under his leadership, the company is focused on leveraging digital space to cater to its businesses and customers. Stephen also serves as a board member in various companies. (Scroll through the wiki to get to details such as American Express CEO email, Stephen Squeri net worth, and American Express net worth)

Founded in 1850, the American Express’s main business segments include charge and credit cards, consumer and business travel services, merchant acquisition and more.

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Steve Squeri American Express CEO

American Express Competitors

The Fortune 500 listed credit card giant, The American Express Company, faces stiff competition from:

  1. Visa, Inc.
  2. MasterCard Worldwide
  3. Discover Financial Services

Stephen Squeri Net Worth – American Express CEO Salary

As of 2022, his net worth was estimated to be anywhere between 120-240 million USD. According to reports, Stephen Squeri earned a total compensation in excess of 24 million USD in 2020.

American Express Net Worth – Is Amex Profitable?

The publicly listed, global services company AmEx is estimated to have a valuation of between 120-140 Billion USD in terms of market cap. One of the biggest shareholders of the company is Berkshire Hathaway Inc. along with Vanguard Group and BlackRock Inc. Yes, Amex is profitable.

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American Express CEO Email | Steve Squeri Contact

Steve Squeri’s email is To connect with him on LinkedIn, try

Career & Education – Company, University, & College                                  

Before he became CEO and Chairman, Squeri served American Express as Vice Chairman since 2015 and Group President of Global Corporate Services 2009 to 2011. From 2005 to 2009, he was Executive VP and Chief Information Officer of the company. From 2002 to 2005, he worked as Corporate Card group’s President and from 2000 to 2002, he headed Establishment Services group (both US and Canada) as President. His journey with the company can be traced back to 1985, when he joined its Travellers Cheque Group as Manager. His first job was at Arthur Andersen as Management Consultant. He worked there for 4 years starting from 1981.

Stephen attended Manhattan College to receive his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 1981 and then, an MBA degree in Finance in 1986.

American Express Customer Care Number | Help & Support

You can write a tweet to the official Twitter handle of the company @AskAmex for customer service around any complaint or query. Or, you can click on the Contact Us page to seek help related to any particular segment. There is a customer care number also (1-800-528-4800) which offers round-the-clock customer support.

Steve Squeri Wiki – Age, Wife, Family, & More

American Express CEO Steve, age 63, was born around 1959. His wife is Tina Squeri. The couple has 4 children and they live in New Jersey.

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19 comments on American Express CEO – Steve Squeri (Age – 63)

  1. Your Customer Service is the worst. I have called and talked to 4 different people.
    First Call – 7/27/2021 – 28 Minutes
    Second Call – 8/4/2021 – 24 Minutes
    Third Call – 8/23/2021 – 28 Minutes
    Fourth Call – 8/27/2021 – 17 Minutes
    Fifth Call – 8/30/2021 -17 Minutes – I was so frustrated I finally hung up and my issue is still not resolved. I have been with American Express since 1999, if they ever get my issue resolved I will be closing ALL of my accounts. What happened to resolving an issue with the first call? Clearly that is not the way AMEX is structured.

  2. I am disheartened to learn that according to the newswires today, CRT has made its way into employee training at AMEX. Having been a client for many decades it is sad to hear that their content equates capitalism to racism. For a company that earns so much, to needlessly adopt an initiaive that is so divisive is insane. I would not be surprised to hear that many of your long-term cardholders will feel compelled to use their VISA or Mastercard lest they support the “capitalistic” foundation that helped to build an outstanding company.

  3. Shame on American Express for treating loyal card holders the way that they do!

    Loyal customers are treated like a phone call; not a customer/not even a number. What happened to people having names, rewarded for their years of being a loyal customer? What happened to “real” customer service?

    One use to be proud to have and to use an American Express Card. Not anymore. Now, all credit cards are the same.

    I don’t want to have a credit card that causes me to be upset simply because the customer service department is not trained properly, difficult to understand and everyone responds like a robot!

    All American Express representatives are reading the same document/script (mind you, not memorized like in the good old days)!

    No one goes to bat for the consumer anymore. I ask you, how can a computer or someone reading a script go to bat for anyone?

    What my husband and I have experienced over the last 2-3 years by using our American Express card has been both humiliating and disgusting.

    What happened to “real” customer service?

    I never post comments or share my feelings; however, my experiences of late, caused me to do so.

    I know things will not change…..; however, I feel calmer and that’s important…..”for me”.

    American Express could and should do better. You must……for your customers.

  4. Question/Comment for American Express. How many of the other 14 card holders
    with real life concerns have you gotten back with? Did you attempt to e-mail, pick
    up a telephone and make a call, or respond by using the United States Postal Service?
    I know we are living in difficult times now, and I understand certain things may take
    a bit longer. However, if you, AMEX considers this appropriate customer service for
    your card holders, count me out. I will be dammed if I will call one of your customer service locations again, and be talked down to by someone who can barely speak
    English. Shame on you AMEX. I probably won’t ever see my $600.00 worth of Delta SkyMiles,( that I earned from your offer). This aggravation is not worth it to me.
    Life is too short. I don’t need this. And I certainly don’t need AMEX. AMEX, don’t
    worry about me. I’ll be just fine. To the other 14 card holders who left comments,
    I wish you the best. Hope you receive some type of satisfaction, but don’t count on it. Sorry for the dark cloud. Stay well and stay safe.

  5. Why is Nepal not issuing Amex cards since over a year? I could not find Nepal in the official Amex website too, however in Nepal it is still advertising and promoting it though. It was issuing it earlier. Is there any way to renew Amex card issued in Nepal?

  6. Dear Chairman Squeri, My wife applied for the American Express Gold Delta SkyMiles card February 10,2020. Her being the primary holder and myself being the additional card holder. The offer was after purchasing $2,000.00 with this travel card within
    3 months, we would be rewarded with 60,000 Delta SkyMiles. We fulfilled the requirements of this offer, to the letter. After the second billing statement, we noticed no additional Delta SkyMiles to our balance. We contacted American Express customer service regarding this .We were told this could take an additional billing cycle
    to show up. O.K. fine. Thank you. Next billing statement, still no additional Miles.
    Another call to customer service. We were told that an investigation needs to be done. Not sure what that meant, but we were hoping to receive our Miles soon.
    Another call to customer service the following week. We were told that we were not eligible for the Delta SkyMiles due to some terms or conditions. What does this mean? After fulfilling American Express requirements for two months, paying in full
    both statements, and after two and a half months w/o any notification, now, you,
    American Express, is saying to us, sorry, no Delta SkyMiles for you. This is not fair to us. We fulfilled our end of the bargain. You should do the same. We applied for this card only for the Delta SkyMiles offer. My wife and I were planning to use the Miles
    to travel to Tampa, Florida to visit our daughter who is attending classes at the University of South Florida, working on getting her Masters Degree. Things are tough right now. Currently both of us are not working, and this bad news just made it tougher. We feel this is not fair. We have been long time American Express card holders. We fulfilled your requirements of this offer for the 60,000 Delta SkyMiles reward. Hopefully American Express can see this in our favor and honor the 60,000
    Delta SkyMiles. Thank you very much. Jonathan and Marie Stone.

  7. As a long-time AmEx card holder and Platinum card holder for the last few years I had confidence booking my trip to the UK for May 2020 through AmEx travel (booked 12/31/2019). For extra security I purchased the extra “cancel for any reason” trip insurance as well. Then came the global pandemic. The President has warned people in my age group (71) to avoid international travel and the UK has stated all foreigners would be quarantined upon arrival. Apparently this circumstance does NOT qualify my claim for reimbursement. What exactly is “cancel for any reason” and where is your customer concern? I am disappointed in your putting profits above good customer relations. I intend to use my VISA card as my preferred form of payment from now on.

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