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Xiaomi CEO – Lei Jun

In 2010, Lei Jun founded Xiaomi, one of the leading smartphone companies of China. With his entrepreneurial zeal and passion, Xiaomi CEO Lei has taken his company to the level where it is likened to the giants Apple and Samsung.  In 2017, his Beijing-based firm posted revenue of 18 billion USD from the sales of consumer electronics, software apps, and smartphone segment. Soon his company may embark on an IPO. (To access age, career, net worth and email address, scroll down the wiki)

Fortune featured Lei in billionaires list of 2018. Prior to that, in 2017, his name was included in China Rich List and Richest in Tech.

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Lei Jun Xiaomi CEO

Salary & Net Worth – Investors, Funding, & Valuation

As of 2021, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun’s net worth was estimated to be around 30 billion USD.  

Career & Education – Company, University, & College

The founder of Xiaomi Inc, Lei joined the delegation of the National People’s Congress in 2013. In 2011, he returned to Kingsoft as its Chairman. He started working at Kingsoft as an Engineer in 1992 and eventually assumed the position of its Chief Executive Officer in 1998. Under his leadership, the company went public. Later, in December of 2007, he left the post of CEO and President of the company on the grounds of health.

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In 2008, Lei joined UCWeb as the Chairman and in 2000 he created an online bookshop, which was later acquired by for 75 million USD in 2004.

After he left Kingsoft in 2007, Lei started making angel investment in China, putting his money into more than 20 companies. Some of these companies include UCWeb,, and YY. He is an active investor even today and as the founding partner of investment company Shunwei Capital, he continues to support companies specializing in mobile, e-commerce, and social networking fields.

Lei went to Mianyang Middle School in 1987. After that, he attended Wuhan University where he did BA in Computer Science.

Contact Lei Jun – Email Address | Twitter | LinkedIn

Lei’s Twitter handle is @leijun. You can visit his LinkedIn page here To contact over email try [email protected].

Wiki Trivia on Lei Jun – Age, Wife, Family, & More

Lei (age 52) was born in Xiantao, Hubei, China in 1969. His birthday falls on 16th December. His wife is Zhang Tong and together they have 2 children.

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5 comments on Xiaomi CEO – Lei Jun

  1. Dear ,

    There is a question about one product. I bought Xiaomi MI electric scooter 1S. The Manufacturer’s technical documentation states that the design battery capacity is 7.65 Ah, but in reality, it is 5.2 Ah. I went to the importer which is also a service technician where they convinced me that it was 7.65 Ah on their metering application, but when we put in an independent application it measured 5.2 Ah. As a confirmation that battery capacity is not what is in the technical documentation is the check I made while riding the scooter. Namely, the manufacturer declares that with a certain height, weight, without wind, about 30 km. will be covered on a flat road in the distance, and in reality, they cover about 18.5 km. That means that it is one-third fewer, as much as the difference in battery capacity I bought.
    I like your product. You are the company who take care of safety, healthy, economic, social responsibility, ergonomic.. protocols, and also I know that you take care of your customer. Also, your culture is one of the biggest, oldest, truthful.. cultures, from which all we learn and as I can see the future belong to you. But now I’m a little disappointed about this product and your seller for my country Macedonia. I pay with my money for the product which battery capacity is not according to the declared in the technical specification.
    Will you please help me with my rights.

  2. Hi, Mr. Jun, I live in England Where your phone company is fairly well known.
    But it is Never going to compete with the likes of Samsung. WHY ?
    Because it is almost impossible to buy a Mi phone. Redmi yes, Mi no.
    I have been trying to buy a Mi A3 for weeks. I wanted a Mi 9 lite but too dear,
    but I can`t find one of those either.
    I know there has been a global problem but Samsung still produces & delivers phones
    so why not Xiaomi ?
    This is not the way to boost your business.

  3. Let..I hope this message you I am a entrepreneur..mainly a dreamer..all things are possible..I am well aware of certain road blocks regarding our government is currently inhibiting certain opportunist for your small firm is small but mighty 15..years me and my wife…call me or email …email.. .. your services are greatly needed in USA..and yes I read the article in Times

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