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Twitter CEO – Jack Dorsey (Age – 45)

Jack Dorsey created the 140-characters based online news and social networking platform Twitter with Biz Stone, Evan Williams, and Noah Glass in 2006. He joined back the company as CEO in 2015. (For details such as Twitter CEO’s age, net worth, email address, etc. scroll down this wiki)

Twitter CEO Jack with his technological innovations has become a well-known internet entrepreneur globally, making his place in the league of Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. It is his super mindset and agility that today he not only heads Twitter but also a leading payments company Square at the same time. In November 2019 the company reported India to be its fastest growing market for users acquisition.

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Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO

Salary & Net Worth – Investors, Funding, & Valuation

As of 2021, the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s net worth was estimated to range between 10-15 billion USD.

Career & Education – Company, University, & College

Apart from being Twitter Cofounder and CEO, Jack is credited with many achievements. He is a part of the board of the Berggruen Governance Center. In 2010, he started a mobile payments company Square and continues to head its business as CEO. In 2013, he was on-boarded as one of the Board of Directors at The Walt Disney Company. In his young age, he sometimes worked as a fashion model too.

Dorsey went to the Catholic Bishop DuBourg High School. After that, he took admission at University of Missouri–Rolla, where he studied for more than two years and then moved to New York University. However, in 1999, he dropped out of his college without completing his graduation.

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Contact Jack Dorsey – Email Address | Twitter | LinkedIn

Jack can be followed on his Twitter handle @jack. To contact over email try [email protected]. His other contact details including LinkedIn profile shall be made available shortly.

Wiki Trivia on Jack Dorsey – Age, Family, & More

Jack (age 45) was born in 1976 in St. Louis, Missouri. His parents are Marcia Smith (Homemaker) and Tim Dorsey (worked at a mass spectrometers development company). Jack hails from a mixed ethnic background, such as Italian, English and Irish. He grew up as Catholic. By the time he was 14, his attention was drawn to the idea of dispatch routing and as a result, he started building open-source software in this field. There are many taxi companies that still use his dispatch route solution.

A supporter of Democratic Party, Dorsey aspires to become mayor of New York City one day.

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6 comments on Twitter CEO – Jack Dorsey (Age – 45)

  1. Walter Masterson was banned from Twitter…
    yes, sometimes he gets off track but
    he has been a very creative lightening rod…
    please reinstate him!!!!!!!

  2. Mr. Dorsey,

    Do the right thing.
    You’ve far surpassed your peers in every aspect
    What do you do with power?
    I pray you love our Nation, our people; I pray you think on good v. evil; I pray you remember your Creator….the Author and the Finisher.

  3. You have become wealthy from Twitter and undoubtedly you are intelligent. This however doesn’t give you license to prevent others their rights. Leave that to China, Iran, N. Korea AND America’s Leftist. Review what you stand for. Support Democracy, including freedom of speech and fraud free elections. Stay out of the state of Georgia’s decisions on voter guidelines. Don’t buy into pressures from Biden’s cobal, China, and God knows who else. If course I won’t ever use Twitter.

  4. Dear Jack Dorsey
    Who is responsible for censorship of Conservatives? Do you realize you are a monster for doing this? Where is your humanity? You simply have no conscience. Your catholic upbringing did not do you any good. You are behaving as Hitler, a monsterous creature.

  5. Dear Mr. Dorsey,

    I am completely blocked from opening any of the Twitter links for Help/Support, and for that reason I am using this Site.

    It is obvious that I have been suspended from my Twitter account. I have complied with the guidelines as I understand them, and I am not aware of any actions, which might have resulted in this suspension.

    Would you please be so kind as to reactivate my account, as it is a very important vehicle for addressing issues and receiving important information and notices on current events.

    Your help in this regard would be most appreciated

    Tziona Yisrael
    My Name on My Account
    [email protected]

  6. To Jack Dorsey:
    I have a recommendation for equipment that can destroy the COVID-19 virus from 15-20 feet away as well as up close to treat patients with the disease. I am not trying to market any specific equipment, I have no financial interest in doing this, I just believe in this technology and want to get it into the hands of someone that can thoroughly investigate it and, if proven effective, get it implemented now to start saving lives and reducing its impact on mankind.
    Please help me get in touch with Jack Dorsey or someone that can review my information on his behalf.

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