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Airsculpt CEO – Dr. Aaron Rollins (Age – 47)

Dr. Aaron Rollins is the founder and CEO of the custom body contouring services provider Airsculpt Technologies, Inc. He founded the patented fat removal procedure in 2012. Airsculpt’s headquarters is in Miami Beach, Florida, USA, and it operates as Elite Body Sculpture. Airsculpt CEO Dr. Aaron is a well-celebrated plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. He revolutionized fat reduction and body contouring methods by finding a minimally invasive treatment, such as Airsculpt. His technology removes fat through a small hole from one cell to another without the use of scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia. It doesn’t require much downtime. The treatment is reserved only for Elite Body Sculpture locations. Hip Flip and Up-A-Cup are some of his other offerings. He took Airsculpt to IPO on NASDAQ in 2021.

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Dr. Aaron Rollins – Salary & Net Worth

As of 2021, Dr. Aaron Rollins’ net worth could be estimated to be in the range of 200 to 250 million USD based on an assumption that he owns 30% stake in the company. Post IPO, Airsculpt Technologies’ market valuation could be 941 million USD.

Contact Airsculpt CEO Dr. Aaron Rollins – Email | Twitter | LinkedIn

You can try to send an email at [email protected] to contact Dr. Aaron.

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Career & Education – Company, University, & College

Based on his patients’ feedback, Dr. Rollins, a believer in the combination of arts and science, came up with the idea for his company Airsculpt. He worked as a cosmetic surgeon while focusing his energies on research and studies around new technologies to improve people’s experience.

Airsculpt CEO Aaron attended Montreal’s medical school – McGill University Faculty of Medicine. He pursued his undergraduate education at McGill University.

Dr. Aaron Rollins Wiki – Age, Family, & More

Laser liposuction and body shaping expert, Dr. Aaron Rollins, age 47, loved art and wanted to become a sculptor from his growing up years. He attended medical school and art classes to achieve this. And plastic surgery became his passion. Before settling down in his Southern California home, he lived on rental properties in New York, Houston, and Sacramento.

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